Oakland | Mexican Food Coma at La Calaca Loca

Monday, September 4, 2017

Say "LA CALACA LOCA"  5 times and fast!

Now wasn't that fun?  La Calaca Loca means "crazy skeleton" in Spanish. It is a casual Mexican eatery in my hood in North Oakland. If you follow my blog, you might already know that Saturday means date night for me and Mr Sweetie. Unfortunately for me, I have to watch what I eat because I have to be at church early the next morning. Sadly for a food lover like me, I have not been blessed with an iron stomach. So no heavy, rich, super-spicy and dairy-laden food the night before any occasions for me to prevent getting an upset tummy the next day.


However, there was no church the following day because of a weekend retreat that I did not participate in. So I told Mr Sweetie that I want to stuff myself with Mexican food with all the cheeses and jalapenos that I can eat! So we went to La Calaca Loca.  And as you can tell, we did not hold back!

It was really Mr Sweetie who really went to town. He had carnitas quesadilla and carne asada torta. (A torta is sandwich in Spanish while egg omelet in Tagalog.) I only had a crispy fish taco.  We shared a queso fundido which is hot melted gooey cheese which is scooped up with warm tortilla. I ordered a side of nachos with salsa and used the nachos to scoop up the queso fundido instead. And ooh, that delicious margarita to wash it all down!

I was indeed in Mexican food heaven at La Calaca Loca. My go-to is always the delicious fried fish crispy taco with guacamole which is ginormous and can be a meal in itself. 

There is something about eating in at La Calaca Loca. The decor is quirky and fun with dia de los muertos skeletons (hence the name) and the funny pinatas. It was fun and simple date night. Delicious and filling. Tab was $48 including tax, tip, 1 margarita for me and soda for Mr Sweetie.

No chance of tummy worries the next day where I slept in and had a free Sunday to myself which is very unusual!

La Calaca Loca
5199 Telegraph Avenue Oakland, CA 94609 Neighborhood: Temescal    

YUM FACTOR: ★ ★ ★ ★ 
  VALUE:  <$10 per plate