Sunday Musings

Thursday, September 28, 2017

It is true that it does not matter how old we get  -- we will always be our mom and dad's little babies. I feel truly blessed that I have been born to very loving parents who continue to care and worry about me even in my adulthood.

It was just a  typical Sunday that starts out with a sleepy 45 minute drive to church. My sister in law and I sat together during the worship service while my tween nephew and niece sat with their friends. My sister and her family did not go to church this time. I usually have lunch with either my sister or brother's family after church where I get fed Filipino food at their house. (It is always Filipino food coma!) This day, after giving and getting many hugs from my sis-in-law, nephew and niece, I opted to go shopping at Home Goods instead. Home Goods is my new "me time" place where I get lost in the aisles looking for fun things to decorate the house, most especially for fall.  I talked to my sister for about half an hour while roaming the aisles while she was driving to work.

I shopped for two hours until I had my fill. I bought a can of Zhena's Pumpkin Spice Tea, soap and an art work about being grateful. I thought that it was so perfect for fall and Thanksgiving.

As I was driving home I decided to call my dad in Manila. We were talking for a while until I parked my car at a bank parking lot in my neighborhood. It was late in the afternoon. I just sat in my car and decided to just talk to my dad and indulge him.  I always love talking to my dad. I really do think that we are most alike. He gave me his sense of adventure, curiosity and compassion. I always feel guilty for not calling my parents enough but with the time difference between California and Philppines, it is very hard sometimes to talk when I am so tired from work in the evening while the Philippines is just waking up from sleep.

My dad is old now and often sounds sad about being old and being away from us his children and grandchildren. I made him laugh, though.  He talked about feeling weak but I reminded him that a trip to Las Vegas in December when they visit will cure his "ailment". He laughed. It was music to my ears.

Before we hung up, my dad asked if I have eaten already. I then realized that it was already 4 pm and I forgot to eat!  I got lectured on eating healthy and taking care of myself. 

This conversation with my dad reminded me how much loved I am, and how blessed I am to have parents who continue to care for me. It does not matter that I am now a grown and independent woman who has been living on my own in another country. To them, I will always be their little girl.  And no matter how old I get, I still crave the love and caring of my mom and dad.  

I really enjoyed this conversation with him. I can always talk to my dad like a friend. After I said bye to my dad, I walked across the street and bought a raspberry scone from La Farine, a pretty boulangerie patisserie. I went home and ate lunch/dinner. I made tea and devoured my scone.

Today was a beautiful Sunday with God, my family, myself and my dad. My heart felt light and I am very grateful. 


Do you have any beautiful Sunday memories?

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