Christmas Eve 2017

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas Eve fell on a Sunday this year. It would have been a perfect chance to go to church with my parents and watch my niece's Christmas play.  However, since it was going to be a super-long day that would last until the end of Noche Buena (Christmas dinner at midnight), I decided to skip church to enjoy the peace and quiet of Christmas Eve morning before seeing my family in the evening. I finished wrapping presents while also hanging out with Mr Sweetie. 

  • I spent the day cleaning the house (because I want the house to be sparkly clean for Christmas!) 
  • And wrapping more presents. 


  • I left at 4 pm to go to my brother and sis-in-law's house in San Jose, California with tons of presents in the trunk of my car, a box of candy apples for the kids and a box of New York steak.
  • I arrived at my brother's house at 5pm. It was already dark and freezing cold!
  • My dad was sleeping sitting down on the couch while my mom, sis-in-law and 14 year old nephew, Matthew, were cooking up a storm of Filipino food in the kitchen.  
  • My dad complains of freezing all the time. I gave him the robe that I just bought. 
  • I told my mom that I have not eaten all day.  She fed me a bowl of lugaw (chicken congee) and tokwa't baboy (fried tofu and pigs ears in vinegar, chili and soy sauce). Yum!
  • My sister and her family arrived at around 8 pm. 


  • My sister-in-law suggested that we play Dirty Santa. My sister and I drove to Walgreens so she could get some presents for the game.
  • We had fun playing! My niece and I struck out with our presents. She got the flashlight glove that I brought and I stole the robe from my dad. (It does not fit him anyway and I just got him a new one.) My nephew, Matthew, got sulky for getting a body wash and shampoo while the rest got boxes of chocolates. Ha! Ha!



  • Since it was a couple of hours until midnight, we watched Amityville Horror in the living room. (I know, what a choice for a Christmas movie, right?!) It was not really scary and I enjoyed watching the kids more who got into  got into it -- screaming and all! 
  • My uncle joined us at this point. 


  • We exchanged presents at midnight. I got my dad slippers and coat while I got my mom and sister in law a Bebe bag each and other stuff. I also got my sister, niece and sis in law Kate Spade passport holders plus a set of Mac lipstick for my sister. The boys got Sony bluetooth speakers and $50 Starbucks each. They were over the moon. My niece's Nike did not come so I still owe her a present. My 18 month old nephew got tons of toys, books and clothes. 
  • Mom and sister in law packed me more Filipino food that I took home with me and devoured the next day. 
  • My nephew, Gabriel, asked for his candy apple. He seems to be the only one who was excited for those apples. (Note to self: Next year, I will only get candy apples for him and my sister.) 


  • Got home at 2 am.
  • Mr Sweetie waited for me.
  • Slept at almost 3 am and woke up to a beautiful Christmas morning.


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