#ChristmasGoals: Holiday Movie Binge

Sunday, December 10, 2017

It is very rare for me to be able to sit down and devour a movie by myself.  I really do mean "devour" or enjoy or be able to sit or lie down on the couch during the entire movie. To be able to watch a movie uninterrupted while under my furry blanket in my favorite pj's with my cat right next to me while sipping tea.  Sometimes  wine or champagne are what's on the menu instead of tea. But you get the picture. This is always the perfect image of a perfect holiday movie me time moment for me. Just me, my cat, the house decked out in fairy lights and holiday decor and a cheesy holiday romcom waiting to be watched where I can rewind to dreamy scenes over and over again.  It is hard to find the day each holiday season but I really try to make it happen despite my very demanding work schedule. l often mark a date in my calendar and take the entire day off to park myself in my living room. 

If I get to watch one movie, I am blissfully happy. This holiday season, I have seen three movies so far! Three movies which translate to 6 hours of me time!

I got my first chance after I was  called on jury duty after Thanksgiving then got released early enough to go home but too late to go back to work. I could have gone shopping or gallivanting but I decided to go home to watch a mindless holiday romance. I saw  A Dog Walker's Christmas Tale. The movie itself was just okay but  hey, it was a holiday movie and I enjoyed it! So I thought I finally got to cross off "Watch a holiday movie" on my Christmas List. The fact that I had a box of potato balls and cheese rolls from the famous Porto's from Southern California courtesy of my family who returned from Disneyland and brought me a big box. Coffee, rom com and pastries -- perfection!

The Lord gave me another break because He knew that I really needed rest and solitude. Mr Sweetie had to hangout with his dad on a Saturday! He asked me if it was okay and I told him, "You boys have fun!" And me?  Solitude in the form of more cheesy romantic comedies on Netflix. Not one but two! After doing my chores, baking a batch of Brazilian Cheese Bread,  brewing a pot of coffee with Pumpkin Spice creamer and chatting with my sister on the phone so she would stop calling me all day,  I saw How Sarah Got Her Wings. And because I had time for another one, I also watched   A Christmas Kiss. It was already dark by then and I turned on the holiday lights. I had the candles lit since that morning. The house was really cozy and my cat chose to sleep right next to me on the couch.

How Sara.... was okay. I thought the actress who played the angel looked tired in the movie. I really enjoyed The Christmas Kiss because I thought that the acting was good and I liked how there were BFFs involved. I just wish that they had a cuter guy for an actor. Ha! Ha! Okay this is me being a hater and just rambling.

I could have gone out on this Saturday  but this was how I wanted to exactly spend this day. A lovely day for staying in which in turn got me refreshed and recharged.  Movies, coffee, kitty, fairy lights, quiet home, furry blanket, cold winter evening -- these are life's littlest pleasures. I even managed to make myself a very nice dinner. Mr Sweetie got me Dungeness crab legs and I  cooked chili crab legs with green onions and rice.  Yes, this day was just one of those days -- simple yet a perfect winter day. 


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