12 Ways To Cheer Yourself Up When Sad

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art with BFF one  beautiful afternoon

1. Feed your body to feed your soul.

     Eat a reasonable portion of what you are craving for. The healthier option is better. I mean, eat a burger, fries and milkshake if those are what will bring you joy at the moment. Just do not stuff yourself with pizza, cheetos and Ben & Jerry's ten minutes later.  Sometimes when we are sad, it is not the time to go on that low-calorie diet. For me, carb is queen! So, eat healthy and be happy, then give thanks for the blessing of a good meal!


2. Satisfy your sweet tooth.

     Dark chocolate or cupcake? How about dark chocolate cupcake? Go for it. Just do not eat the entire box! Sweet stuff gives me an instant jolt of happiness. Overdoing it gives me an instant jolt of wanting to cry for being such a glutton!

3.  Go out. Just go. 

      Go out. Get out. Period. The feel of the wind on my face, the smell of grass, flowers and earth, the kaleidoscope of colors of life in front of me, the funny way people walk and the funny way I walk.  All these make me feel better as soon as I breathe a breath of fresh air. Then I take out my phone or camera and try to capture those moments.

4. Look at those photos again and smile.

     I am constantly snapping away with my Samsung or mirrorless camera. My family teases me that they never get to see the pictures. (I am getting better on that one.) I am always taking pictures because taking photos is one of my greatest joys. It is my favorite hobby. I love going through years of pictures on my phones and camera. Because photos bring me back to those moments when I was happy and the meals that I shared with the people that I love.  Then I am happy all over again.

5.  Drink coffee flavored with bliss.

     A hot cup of freshly brewed coffee with plenty of my favorite creamer whether it be pumpkin spice, hazelnut or cinnamon. It is instant happiness in a cup every morning. 

6. Hot tea, warm hands and warm heart.

     Tea is its own category of joy. Coffee is for every morning while a cup of hot tea is my pick me up in the afternoon and my cozy companion before I go to sleep. Just holding a cup of hot tea already makes me feel better. 

7. Wine with cheese, please! 

     Drink only if you already do, and if you are legal. (21 years old if you are in the US.) I always enjoy a glass of full-bodied red wine or chilled chardonnay. It is really a bottle of champagne that makes me very happy. (Must be the bubbles!)  Popping a bottle of bubbly is for celebrating. Who cares if there is really no occasion? Just make something up or not. Plus champagne is so yummy. Please do not drink yourself stupid. Remember:  A flute or two will make you happily tipsy. A bottle will make you bloated and miserable.

8. Cuddle with your cat, dog and your cuddle bug.

     Talk to your goldfish if you do not have a furry friend. Or hug your teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal. You do not have one? You need one! Adopt one soon for days when you need cuddling. I also need my favorite pillow for company in addition to my cat and favorite bear even if he is just always sitting in one corner. Then, lucky me, there's Mr Sweetie who is my cuddly bear.

9. Get lost in a good book. 

I read this book while enjoying a bubbly while on our cabin deck on our way to Mexico

       Buy a book or five. Go to the public library and check out all the books that you can carry. Go through your collection of books that you have been meaning to read. If you do not have a collection yet, start now.  Then read your books. In you pj's. While drinking coffee or tea. While cuddling your cat, dog or furry stuffed animal.

10. Binge on Gilmore Girls.

     Spend hours on the couch in the  "upside down" (Stranger Things), The Good Place or hangout with the Gossip Girls. Hint: Netflix.

11. BFF texts your BFFs 

     Because BFFs love you unconditionally and know when you are in need of some cheering up. Getting texts back from my BFF and best gals just make me feel better right away because getting their texts with the cute emojis make me feel like I am getting a hug back.

12. Live in your jammies for a day. 

My cupcake while waiting for Mr Sweetie to follow me in San Antonio, Texas

     It is okay. Give yourself permission to live in your pjs for a day and stay on the couch or bed. Read a book. Read blogs. Watch a movie.  Eat a cupcake. Eat a bowl of pasta. Drink coffee or tea. While in your jammies while your are in bed. Just please get out the next day. See #3. Remember, the world might sometimes be dark and hard but life is also beautiful. 

A beautiful afternoon stroll at Golden Gate Park

What are your favorite ways to cheer yourself up?


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