A Beautiful Afternoon of Wanderlust In Philadelphia

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

One of my favorite moments while traveling is getting lost. Getting comfortably lost, wandering and discovering places off the beaten path. 

This afternoon of getting lost with Mr Sweetie in Philadelphia is  one of those memories that will make me smile upon remembering it.  After a full day of touring all over Philadelphia aboard the Hop On/Hop Off Bus, Mr Sweetie and I were ready to devour an authentic Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. Our tour guide raved about  Sonny's on 3rd and Market. We followed 3rd Street looking for the eatery. It was a cold day with snow still on the ground from the storm the day before. The street did not have any businesses on it -- just old architecture from as far back as 16th century. It was a quiet afternoon. We walked by a cemetery and formidable looking structures. I later on found out that we were in  "Old City" neighborhood of Philadelphia. 

Then I saw this building that was just so magnificent-looking. The exterior of tall and thick marble columns were hard to ignore. I got curious and I walked up the steps. It looked as if it was an unused and closed building which added to its mystery. Mr Sweetie took my pictures as I was exploring it. 

When we returned back home, without really trying to find out about the building, I came across a picture of it. It is the First Bank of the United States which opened in the 1791!  It is indeed closed to the public. It has compelling history and  the exterior is popular for photo ops.

At first, Mr Sweetie and I were a little annoyed at the tour guide for getting us lost. Sonny's Famous Cheesesteaks is located on Market and 3rd and not on 3rd and Market as she initially told us.  However, I am actually glad that we got a little lost that afternoon. 

It was one of those lovely cold afternoons to remember in Philly.

"Let curiosity be your compass."