Philadelphia | Heavenly French Toasts At Dutch Eating Place

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

I was walking in a dream state getting lost in foodie heaven. This heaven is located in Philadelphia and called the Reading Terminal Market. This indoor market that first opened in 1893 has been in my mason jar list since I have first seen this historical venue on the Travel Channel.

Mr Sweetie got me out of my reverie as I was walking in a trance just gawking at every stall. He found the Dutch Eating Place where we had our first breakfast during our trip to Philly. And what a breakfast it was! Our meal was simple but hearty, stick to your ribs and deeeelicious!

Mr Sweetie and I perched on the stool right next to construction workers, laborers, office workers and tourists who were loading up for the day. You might as well put dieting on the back burner when eating at Dutch Eating Place. The stacks of blueberry pancakes that Mr Sweetie ordered were bigger than his plate and came with a slab of butter. This was Pennsylvania Dutch fare cooked by Amish folks --- therefore, the real deal!

I had the apple cinnamon French toasts sprinkled with cocoa and powdered sugar, with a generous pat of butter and a side of maple syrup. To this day, I remember how pillowy and melt in your mouth they were!

Dutch Eating Place has also been featured on the Food Network for its apple dumpling. The warm apple dumpling is made of whole cored apple wrapped in pastry seasoned with cinnamon and served with heavy cream. You betcha I had to try it before leaving Philly! Honestly, it tasted like an individual serving of apple pie from Costco but a tad more delicious. (And I think Costco's apple pies are great! I love them!)

When we got the check, we almost fell out of our seats! Coming from the San Francisco Bay Area where a piece of lame toast can cost $6, our check was unbelievable!


A plate of apple cinnamon toasts
A plate of blueberry pancakes
Coffee for me
Freshly squeezed orange for Mr Sweetie
Yes, I could not say it enough -- unbelievably cheap for such a dreamy breakfast!

1136 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19107

YUM FACTOR:         ★ ★ ★ ★ 

WALLET FRIENDLY:    ★ ★ ★ ★  


Our final tab was just $13 before tip!

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