Weekday Joys #1

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Ham Cheese Roll, Hot Tea and A Reminder To Be Happy 

Happy Weekend!

Every day at work, I am often wishing that I can be at home in my jammies, sipping a hot cup of tea and blogging. I want to write about the Sunday meal that I shared with my family, the new restaurant that Mr Sweetie and I tried during date night, the baked treats that my co-workers brought for breakfast...among the many things that I wish I can talk about. I also want to post the pretty and scrumptious photos that I take during my morning walk to the train station and cellphone shots that capture the everyday life in San Francisco.  These are my simple joys.

Yet, I have to wait until the weekend in order to do this. Life in general is very busy M-F, 6:30 am to 9:30 pm. We do go to bed early but I use the last hour to read usually until past 10:30 at night. And even on the weekends, house chores, family activities and time with Mr Sweetie really do not leave much time for me to write a post. By then, I focus on big events -- my monthly Gratitude Posts, a food review, family moments.....

I need a space and time to write about my everyday simple joys! So I decided to create a new series -- Weekday Joys.  This is where I will talk about the little things that bring me happiness Monday to Friday, and will serve as a photo album of the random pictures that I capture on my cellphone.

Weekday Joys will remind me to focus on everyday blessings in many forms -- flowers, a yummy donut, hot strong coffee, a quick lunch with friends, museum visits with BFF, and many more.  Let's go!

MONDAY - THURSDAY JOYS | Walking Among The Spring Flowers 

I drive to this pretty neighborhood 4 days a week then walk the rest of the way to the train station. (I park at the station on Fridays.) I look forward to this morning walk in the spring and fall. In the fall, the houses are decked out in Halloween decors (but that is 4 months away!) In the spring, the gardens that I pass by are a riot of colors! The flowers spill into the sidewalk while giant roses of different shades of pink are all over! This walk is when I clear my head and get a little bit of exercise done.

Quick Museum Giftshop Visit

I took 3 hours of vacation time on Thursday and left work at 2:30 pm. Mr. Sweetie was on a overnight business trip and I decided to do a little "me time" by spending the rest of the afternoon as I wish. I walked by the International Art of Museum of America while contemplating if I should go to the Ferry Building to buy some pastries. I have walked by this "free" museum a hundred times over the years and told myself that I will go someday. I finally did and the admission is no longer free! In fact, it was $15 for adult. The friendly staff told me that I could look around at the gift shop and one exhibit room as a teaser. I am glad that I finally went and can now cross it off my list. And no, I am not planning to go back as my friends have told me that it is a weird place. I was able to catch a glimpse of the space and it did feel a little bizarre.  Going in for free was okay but not if you pay. (San Francisco has many world-class museums including The De Young, SFMOMA and Palace of Fine Arts. Go to these ones instead!) 

THURSDAY JOYS | Discovered A New Yummy Bakeshop

After a quick museum giftshop jaunt, I made another impulse trip. I decided to look for the Jewish bakeshop that my GBF told me about. All I knew was that it was not too deep into 6th Street off of Market. 6th Street is not for the faint of heart. It is very sketchy where illegal activities are conducted in broad daylight. As long as you walk like you own the street, you will be okay. 6th Street is also undergoing gentrification. Hence, yummy destinations places like Frena. I was actually wrong, Frena is deep into this rough part of SF. I almost turned around but I am glad that I persevered until I found Frena Bakery. I was rewarded with yummy Jewish treats such as a giant cinnamon sugar donut and 3 types of rolls -- cheese, feta and mushroom. I decided to go home after this. 

THURSDAY EVENING JOYS | Cozy Reads, Wine, Pasta and Solo Moment

I enjoyed my solo evening by myself as Mr Sweetie was on a overnight business trip. I devoured a cozy mystery while cozying up with my cat, drank a nice Chardonnay, ate the pastries and cooked pasta. We hardly eat pasta so it was definitely a treat. It was so simple with just  plain pasta sauce, red pepper flakes and lots of parmesan cheese but so comforting.  I know, I ate a lot but I really enjoyed it!

FRIDAY JOYS | Dim Sum Brunch At Work

I feel so grateful that I work for an organization that is fun and deeply cares for its staff. On Friday, work treated us to a delicious spread including American breakfast and dim sum. Of course, I went for the dim sum.

SATURDAY | Brunch At Home With Mr Sweetie

Well, this is technically not a weekday joy but still a joy indeed. As I have written on my blog many times, cooking brunch and eating it with Mr Sweetie while watching our recorded shows in our jammies are among the simple joys that I look forward to at the end of the week. This is an unusual brunch for me as I hardly eat rice for brunch or even dinner but somehow I was craving a Filipino breakfast of eggs, meat and garlic rice. This comes close enough but not quite!

WEDNESDAY JOYS | An Afternoon Stroll & Pastry

(First Picture Above) After a meeting I decided to go for a walk to the Hayes Valley neighborhood in San Francisco. I did a detour to Hayes Bakeworks and treated myself to a ham and cheese roll that I devoured with an afternoon cup of tea.

So here is it - my first Weekday Joys entry. I hope to post more what makes me happy each moment.

*Live Happy Everyday artwork is from BFF. Thanks, BFF! So appropriate for this series!

May 14-19, 2018

What are your weekday joys?
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