Weekly Joys #8

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Here are the joys that I have been blessed with this week:

Last Sunday With Mom and Dad This Year

This Sunday was the last Sunday that we spent together as my parents went back to the Philippines the following Friday. As always we went to church together then went out to lunch as has been our Sunday tradition. We discovered a new restaurant because the GPS took us here by mistake! Ha! Ha! We ended up at My No. 1 Tofu and Sushi in Milpitas, CA. It turns out to be a very good Korean-Japanese restaurant. My parents and 14 year old nephew, Gabriel,  ordered bento boxes while I had a grilled hamachi with rice that I really enjoyed. I am glad that our last Sunday lunch with my mom, dad and nephew was a delicious one.  Then we went to Costco so my mom and dad could shop for presents followed by grocery shopping at Mom's Asian market. As has been the tradition before my parents fly back to the Philippines, they buy me and my siblings all the groceries that we want. I just chose a couple of snacks at Costco and meats at the Asian market but did not go crazy this time. It was a full day but it was a beautiful one as we made the most of our last Sunday together. I am praying for their visit again next year. 


Korean dinner once again even though we just went two weeks ago. Gotta admit, Korean food is delicious! We tried a new restaurant in the neighborhood, Hancook. It was delicious!  There are many Korean restaurants in North Oakland, and I would say that they range from good to excellent. What brought this place a notch above was the availability of the bbq and noodle combo. We ordered the combo BBQ chicken and Bibim New Myun which is cold clear noodles with spicy red sauce. The bbq chicken was for Mr Sweetie while I took the cold noodles to go because I also ordered the seafood dolsot bibimbap (rice casserole in hot pot). We also shared an order of a kimchi pancake. Portions were generous!  We will definitely return and I will do a complete restaurant review. It was food coma so we  went  electronic (window) shopping at Best Buys to burn off the calories! 


Tofu banh mi from Hello Sandwich and Noodle, a mom and pop hole in the wall Vietnamese sandwich place in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood. This is a treat as I always bring lunch to work since my mom and sis-in-law pack me a full week's worth of lunch every Sunday. Whenever I do not bring lunch, tofu banh mi is always my default.
TRAVEL & DINING TIP: Hello Sandwich and Noodle's owner was the former employee of the famous Saigon sandwich just a couple of blocks away. Saigon Sandwich is touted as the best banh mi in all of San Francisco. Honestly, I like Hello's better. No line. Cheap meal for $5 per sandwich! 


It is always a joy to walk in to the office and treats are waiting in the staff lounge. One of the bosses brought this for us. So good with coffee on a Thursday morning. I am always so thankful for my awesome co-workers! 

I give thanks for this week's blessings of  beautiful moments with my family, sumptuous meals and little treats. 

July 16-22, 2018