Weekly Joys # 12

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

This week's theme is CARE. With the busyness of life, self-care is a struggle to fit in. This week, though, I got to check a couple off my list.


I was able to make time to get my waxing needs done during lunch time. The heart mural above on my way to the salon is a good metaphor about loving and caring for myself. 


After I got my waxings done, I re-discovered this fresh seafood eatery/market in the Mission. I got a spicy poke for lunch. Waxing + healthy diet = I was feeling good about myself!


My Jeep hit its 10000 miles.  A year later and I am still very much in  love with my SUV. Mr Sweetie and I took it to the dealership for oil change. It took two hours of wait time on Saturday but sometimes it is nice to get a "permission" to not do anything and not feel guilty about it. I read while Mr Sweetie watched movies in the dealership's waiting room. We also got to eat popcorn while waiting. And we left the dealership with a newly washed and shiny car. I feel good that I finally got to take care of my car's maintenance as well. 

Seaweed, poke and hot sake 


After totally indulging in chicken and waffles during last Saturday's date night, we had to eat a healthier dinner. Healthy dinner for us is always sushi. We ate at Koryo Sushi in Oakland for the first time. I actually like the small, cozy vibe. I had hot sake along with appetizers and sushi. Hot sake is always so  perfect for the chilly day. 


I got this book for free as part of San Francisco Public Library's summer program. It is a cute YA. I finished reading it and now looking forward to watching the movie on Netflix. My 12 year old niece already saw the movie and provided for aunt-niece bonding moment talking about it. 


First Sunday lunch with my family after our parents went back to Manila a month ago. I got to sit down and eat with my brother and sis-in-law at their house. I was well-fed with delicious Filipino food that my sis-in-law cooked. I also went home with plenty of leftovers and packed lunch for the entire week including food that my uncle got for me. Sharing a meal with my family is also food for my soul. I am so thankful for the love and closeness of my family. 

I am grateful for all the  blessings of this week. 

August 13-19, 2018

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