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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Awesome happy hour pizza twice bigger than my face

I really feel like I scored when we stumbled upon Barlago's happy hour. I am the one in charge of date night but I feel like I have been slacking off. Luckily for me, Mr Sweetie is so easy and laid back. He follows me wherever but lately the places we go to eat on Saturdays were not so interesting. Mostly because I do not put any thoughts to where we were going. Everything was so last minute.

I thought that it is time to breathe in a new life into our date nights. I wanted somewhere a little fun, hip and exciting. Enter Barlago. Once again it was a last minute find on Saturday but I spent a couple of hours deciding. It is not like we do not choices. Our neighbhorhood alone offers hundreds of eateries. I picked Barlago because a) It has a view of Lake Merritt and b) It is casual enough but seems hip and fun which is our style of dining.

I knew that Barlago is an Italian restaurant. I really did not know what to expect. I was not sure if it was the dressy and stuffy kind. (Luckily, it was casual/dressy-casual.)  I also did not know that it has an awesome weekend Happy Hour until 6:30 pm!  (Weekend happy hours are not so common, I think. They are mostly offered on weekdays.)  We were just expecting regular dinner menu.

Mr Sweetie and I pretty much ordered from the Happy Hour menu.  Our super friendly server even recommended that we just ordered on pizza but I do not like meat in my pizza so we got one each. And I knew why she suggested just one pizza -- the portions are huge!

Here are our orders from the Happy Hour Menu:
  • Classic pizza with meat for Mr Sweetie $8 + $4 salumi
  • Classic pizza for me (without meat) $8
  • Fried raviolis with 2 dipping sauces (from regular menu) $8
  • Bruschetta Bar $8 (6 pieces -- I chose proscuitto, goat cheese and brussel sprouts | shrimp, basil, tomato | roasted pepper caponata)
Even their house white was nice, nicely chilled and generously poured for $5. 

Barlago is right across from Lake Merritt. There is an outdoor seating area that has a view of the lake although it is not right at the lake. We asked for a table with a view and window and we were accommodated. We walked in a little before 6:30 pm and the place was not very busy which was nice because we got great service. By the time we left at almost 8 pm, the restaurant filled up, was noisy and lively. 

It was a great date night and we liked Barlago. The dishes were casual but tasty. The prices and portions were great.  I would like to go back again for round two of their Happy Hour!

YUM FACTOR:         ★ ★ ★ ★  
PORTIONS:           Generous 

CHECK: $60 including tax, tip, iced tea and wine

September 31, 2018


Mr Sweetie and I went back home to watch Jurassic World 2 and a weird Feature Creature movie that made us laugh instead of scare us. Then we heard a commotion in our front yard at around 11 pm. I saw a couple of raccoons making all kinds of noise. I was excited because I have not seen raccoons in my yard in a long time when they used to visit often and scare me!  I also stayed up really late at past 1 am which I usually cannot do on Saturdays because of church the next day.  There was no church the following day because of a family retreat that I did not go to. It was like a free evening and day for me. A nice weekend!

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