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Saturday, January 19, 2019

Bierhaus has brought the taste of Germany to my hood. And I am really thrilled! Mr Sweetie and I have been to this German gastropub twice. It is pretty unusual for us to go back to the same eatery  twice within a year, let alone just a week apart.  There are just  tons of restaurants in the Bay Area to check out. In Oakland alone, there are hundreds and we want to try a different food adventure each time.

During our first dinner at Bierhaus, I tried the beer flight since I did not know which beer to order. I am not a beer drinker and really has no beer smarts. I opted for the Darker Flight. Mr Sweetie ordered a blond beer.

Mr Sweetie ordered CHEESE WURST $12 which was cheddar bratwurst, bier cheese peppers, onions. We also shared a plate of KÄSESPÄETZLE...$7 (cheese spaetzle caramelized onion).

I ordered a plate of JAGERSCHNITZEL...$16. This is a breaded and fried pork which came with house spaetzle, dressed field greens, mushroom gravy.

I enjoyed the laid-back ambiance and enjoyed my dish that I wanted to go back again. (Plus, we can walk to this pub from our house!) 

I really like the Doppelbock from the Darker Flight that I tried the first time. I could not remember the name but just described it as something on the sweet side and sort of tasted like coffee. The bartender readily told me what it was.

Mr Sweetie ordered the Reuben while I had a Currywurst and Fries $8 which was an appetizer plate but the portion was generous just like every dish we ordered. We also shared a pretzel which was nicely chewy and soft at the same time. 

I really like this new pub with  the sleek and casual ambiance. The place is spacious with high ceilings. The wood tables are mostly communal but we did not have to share a table with strangers during out visits. 

It was a great place for date night to enjoy beer and big portioned meals. Both the beers and dishes were delicious. In the very spendy Bay Area, I appreciate that the price point is reasonable. With beers, main dishes and an appetizer during each visit, our tab was around $60 before tip.  

We will definitely go back again for a pint of that nice dark Doppelbock and next time I am craving a hearty meal. I guess German fare falls on the rich and heavy side. I tend to eat light and lean more towards vegetables although I am not a vegetarian. Next time I want some stick to your ribs meal, I will be walking to Bierhaus to satisfy my carnivorous cravings.

December 22 and 29, 2018

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