Simple Joys #1: Uggs and Wet Stormy Morning

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Usually by spring my Uggs are already safely tucked away in a box until fall arrives. This year has been unusually wet, though. Instead of rain boots I wear my Uggs to protect my little piggies from the cold and rain.

It is the second day of spring but it feels more like a stormy wet fall morning. I am just more than happy to get to continue to wear my most favorite boots ever -- my Uggs. They were presents from Mr Sweetie from two Christmases ago, and my second pair as well -- both from him.

He spoils me and my little feetsies feel spoiled as well. These shoes are like little warm hugs for my feet on this wet and stormy morning and every time I wear them. 

03.21.17, Tuesday at 7:11 am

Simple Joys # 1: Feeling cozy in my Uggs

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