Oakland | Date Night at Daol Tofu

Saturday, March 25, 2017 United States


Our beloved Casserole House has changed ownerships. It has reincarnated into Daol Tofu. Mr. Sweetie really wanted to check out the new place. Not much has changed at this small mom and pop with a low ceiling.  It was just spified up and looked fresher.

We ordered our usual favorites:
  • Seafood Pancake
  • Bulgogi Bibimbap for me  which is marinated beef, raw egg and pickled veggies in a very hot stoneware bowl
  • Bulgogi for Mr Sweetie
Our dinner at Daol Tofu was pretty good  even though it was not the same attentive experience that we had at Casserole House where we always felt like we were eating at grandma's house, Ban chan (small dishes that always accompany Korean meal including several types of kimchi which is pickled cabbage) was plentiful and we were asked if we wanted more.  My bibimbap was just okay because the meat was a little dried up I guess because of the heat. Mr Sweet said that his bulgogi was tasty with a  lot of  flavors.

It was food coma for us as is always the case whenever we eat Korean food. We rolled ourselves to the car, went home, changed into our pj's, parked ourselves on the couch and watched King Kong (2005) which was a 3 hour movie!

It was a fun and satisfying date night.


 Daol Tofu
4301 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94609
b/t 44th St & 43rd St
Temescal, North Oakland

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