Cozy Bay Kitchen: Open Face Fried Egg, Tomato & Basil Sandwich

Sunday, April 9, 2017

It is very rare that I get to stay home on Sunday. My Sundays are often a full day of church and family affairs followed by two and half hours of Costco-shopping or getting my hair done. Lately, due to really frustrating  car issues (first Mr Sweetie's car was in the shop for over a month then it is my car's turn!), I have no transportation to follow my Sunday routine.

On the other hand, staying home gives me those very rare moments of guilt-free relaxation that can only be achieved on lazy Sundays. First, I get the whole house to myself because Mr Sweetie catches up on errands on this day. Then I get to take a nice, long shower then change into fresh pj's and robes (after discarding the pj's I slept in!) and cooking myself a breakfast that my heart desires. Not to mention drinking a fresh pot of hot coffee and eating said breakfast while Netflix bingeing on Gilmore Girls. Ooh, bliss....

So I did all of the above as soon as Mr Sweetie left the house. Swept and dusted -- check. Folded the laundry - check. Hot shower -- check. Fresh pj's and robe -- check. Breakfast -- next.

I love cooking and I am a pretty good cook. (Ask my team mates and Mr Sweetie.) I am more of a comfort food chef in my kitchen. I like to throw things together to create a meal. So this morning, I decided to make a savory brunch sandwich to go with my coffee. I was inspired by my two-day old pane rustico. (I enjoyed this loaf on Friday night with feta in EVOO and a glass of red. Delish!) Here was how my sandwich came together:
  1. I toasted the loaf in the oven after I sliced it in the middle. 
  2. I sauteed a whole sliced tomato and chopped basil in a pan. (I was about to throw out the basil plant as it was dying. I am glad that I thought of adding it to my cooking, instead.)
  3. I generously sprinkled sea salt on the tomato slices and basil.
  4. I took the bread out of the oven and drizzled it with a freshly opened bottle of nice EVOO. (Mr Sweetie got me this a while back but I completely forgot about it.)
  5. I fried an egg sunny side up and placed it on top of the bread, tomato and basil. 
  6. I sprinkled dried chili pepper, and freshly-ground pepper.
  7. Voila, an Open Face Fried Egg, Tomato and Basil Sandwich!

I was surprised myself! It was so delicious! I devoured it with hot coffee while watching, um, guess? Ha! Ha! The 40-minute gossiping on the phone with my sister pretty much made this Sunday really decadent.

 A really delicious Sunday. A great treat and a much-needed break given by God. I am so grateful for the blessings of food, rest, warm home and family.

April 9, 2017

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