Beautiful Birthday Girl

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sometimes beautiful moments do not need a lot of words to describe them. We celebrated my BFF's birthday on a gorgeous spring day. She is a beautiful, strong and intelligent  woman with the kindest heart  befitting of a special celebration. 

Our friend Mira invited us to  her fabulous house and hosted the lovely get-together. It was a small one but soooo nice with just myself, Mira, BFF and our friend Alexis and her new 4 month old baby girl, Winter.

Mira provided the delicious sangria with lots of oranges and apples, and fried chicken. BFF brought cheeses and Indian food. I brought a box of sundried tomatoes and bell pepper foccacia, and cheese bread. Alexis brought beet salad and tuna salad. We ate deliciously while being surrounded by the most beautiful view of the woods and the ocean.

We sang "Happy Birthday" and BFF blew the candle on her birthday cakes provided by me and Mira.

It was a gathering of beautiful women. Just like every Girls Day that we have been celebrating for over ten years, we spent the day stuffing ourselves with delicious food,  drinking wine and catching up. It is a fun and laid back day of celebrating our friendship. It is hard to imagine that we have been doing this for over then years! And I hope and pray that we continue to do this until we are 100 years old!

Happy Birthday, Beautiful BFF! Congratulations on this milestone filled with life's successes, and friends and family who love you! xoxo


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