Thursday, June 29, 2017

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is our designated second BFF HQ (headquarter).  Since becoming a SFMOMA  member, BFF and I have gone back again and again to look at the exhibits, drink coffee and hangout during our lunch time. It is almost like our secret place. For an hour, we catch up, gossip *wink*, talk about food (of course!), books and everything – because we are BFF’s. And we also exchange snacks -- yes, snacks because a girl does not need to eat an entire package of chocolate cookies or rice crackers on her own. Sharing with BFF makes the snacks more delicious and fun. 

There will be more beautiful and fun pics to come as BFF and I will continue to escape to this museum.  Our most current visit was on a Friday where we saw the paintings of Edvard Munch, known for his painting “Scream” although it was not among what was being exhibited at SFMOMA because apparently, it is very fragile. It was still very cool to see the works of a  mad genius, though.

I hope to go back to take more pictures. In the meantime,these were our museum OOTD:

 BFF: Top from H&M, pants from Forever 21, Kate Spade purse and Reef Flats shoes.

  Mine:  Boots ordered from, leggings from Matty M, belt from Bebe, purse with tassel from H&M and some random sweater.

 Stay tune for more museum visits and random OOTDs!

June 23, 2017

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