Weekly Gratitude Post

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Week of June 5 -11, 2017 

What can I say -- this has been a very expensive week!

  • Friday Plumbing Nightmare! Backed-up kitchen sink, leaking toilet and rusty bathroom pipe.  I took off all day from work on Friday. Plumbers worked from 10 am until when Warriors played at 7 pm (and lost to Cavalier then later won the playoffs! Yay!).  Repair cost = $3450 (ouch!)  Working pipes again = priceless.

  • Peruvian street food at the Emeryville Public Market for casual date night. It has been many years since we visited this food market and wow! It has been revamped and have been made into a cool place for non-chain eateries.  Mr Sweetie and shared fried plantains while he went for the bbq ribs. I had the Peruvian beef stew. He said that the ribs were good while I was underwhelmed by my beef stew. I can make a better stew. Will follow this with an actual review of Paradita Eatery where we ate. 
  • After dinner was a fun trip to Toys R Us to buy my baby nephew toys as his belated 1 year old present. Toys R Us are not just for kids but kids at heart like us. We were there for almost an hour, playing  with toys ourselves! And of course, Mr Sweetie has to buy his own toys including a little monkey for me. 
  • We went home and watched a classic scary movie on Creature Feature. Such a fun Saturday!


  • Our church is wrapping up to move to a new location. A snow cone truck was rented to quench our thirst after the service while we were also helping with packing and moving. It was fun to hangout with both of my brother and sister, sis in law, nephews and niece in the parking lot while catching up and licking snow cones. Even 1 year old baby Jacob enjoyed his little treat.
  • Pinoy food coma for lunch at my sister’s house. My brother in law made his famous tomato-onion-hot peppers soy-fishsauce dipping sauce. We had fried fish, chicken wings and longganisa eaten with lots of rice, of course! Food is always more delicious when I am eating with my family.
What I am grateful for:

  1. Everything! I am grateful that despite the hefty plumbing bill, that the Lord provides and gives me the financial blessings to pay for these needs. 
  2. For a warm home and running water. 
  3. My family who always feeds me and my little nephews and niece who bring my heart joy. 
  4. Mr Sweetie, for the fun times we have together as a couple and as friends. 
This is my first Weekly Gratitude Post on this blog. I hope to share more blessings in the many years to come!


  1. Sounds like it has been a good week for you, apart from the plumping costs! I really like the idea of the weekly gratitude post! :)

    1. Hi, Rebecca, Thanks for leaving a comment. Your is the first (and will probably be one of the very few ever!) comment on my blog! LOL! Creating a gratitude post even on my old blog reminds me to be aware and thankful for the simple things to be grateful for in each moment. And there are so many! Great blog, by the way. Looking forward to reading more about your adventures. Safe travels! -- Jas

  2. It's great that you're practicing gratitude! I'm sorry to hear about the expensive plumbing nightmare. At least you have working pipes and hope this won't be an issue again for a very long time. Despite what happened, I am happy that you saw the good out of the situation where you have the financial means to get things working again.

    BBQ ribs sound delicious! Glad to hear you both enjoyed the food :). A snow cone sounds great in a weather like this now! Hope you will have a blessed week!


    1. Hi Nancy, Thank you! The unexpected plumbing bill did hurt the savings but I am grateful to have hot and clean water again. I try to focus on the blessings, simple joys and what truly matters which are good health, friends and family. You have a great blog and I am looking forward to reading your posts! Thanks for stopping by! :) Jas