Avocado Toast, Berry Pie & Netflix Morning

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happy Saturday!

I got a nice little break today when Mr Sweetie had to run an errand for a couple of hours. It means "me time!" I do love our Saturday tradition of Saturday home-cooked brunch at home by yours truly. However, I am in a dire need of a little bit of me time lately. A couple of hours by myself of alone time was in order, and those little moments this morning did their magic!

Being the delayed-gratification gal that I am, I did my chores first as soon as Mr Sweetie left the house before I rewarded myself with a yummylicious brunch. I made the bed, fed the cat, mopped our hardwood floors, dusted, sorted through and shredded the mail....*yawn*  It took me over an hour to get these out of the way but made me feel like now I am ready for the weekend!

After a nice shower I rewarded myself with an egg-avocado toast.  (I smashed an avocado that I saved from turning brown, mixed in with half a tomato that I almost tossed in the compost bin. I put on top of toasted bread topped with crispy fried egg. I like my fried egg crispy instead of runny.) I cut a slice of berry pie from Trader Joe's (surprisingly so delish for just $3.99 for a generously small pie!) I made a big pot of coffee and took everything to the living room.

I devoured everything while watching Season 2 of Gilmore Girls on Netflix where Tristan was banished to military school while Rory did a Romeo and Juliet school play. My kitty parked himself right next to me while enjoying this blissfully delicious morning. I was in Saturday morning heaven!

Oh, by the way, I have also gone on a health kick, for real! I have gone vegetarian again, although a 6-day vegetarian. (I have to eat what my Filipino family feeds me on Sundays after church which will most likely be meat.)  It is still better than not doing it. It's just time. I have always been a healthy eater but lately, I have been indulgingly going for the beef instead of my usual tofu, veggies or fish.

How is your Saturday going so far? How do you like to spend your Saturday?

June 24, 2017

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