July Checklist: A Time to Regroup

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

I cannot believe that next week is already August! This year is going way too fast! Toooo fast! I have been meaning to post my July checklist at the beginning of July but we already know how it goes…

I consider July as another chance at fresh start. It is not the beginning of the Fiscal Year for nothing. It is like the New Year without the fanfare and pressure involved. Celebrating the New Year is fun, I mean, the real New Year with the fireworks, champagne and hugging/kissing your loved ones at the stroke of midnight.July is more like an inventory, a chance to look back at what you have accomplished so far. If there are hardly many or any, then July is a chance to catch up. It is a time to start tying loose ends.

So I want to post this before August. I will save my year in review next January. Instead of creating more items that will just make me feel like *crap* later for not being the superwoman that I thought I was, (Ha! Ha!) I will pick one thing to continue to focus on this July. And that item is my health.  It is always on my list of take care of myself but I do not really do a good job of it. So here it is:

  • I will continue to drink gallons of tea. I have been wanting to drink tea but I liked coffee and wine more. When Mr Sweetie gave me a box of tea set from David’s Tea (one of his many Christmas presents for me), I have been hooked! I drink tea every day, and even opt for a cup of tea instead of a glass of wine some nights! 

  • I will lose 3 pounds by December. So far I have lost 1 or 2 this year (depending on the day! LOL!) 

  • I will continue to eat hard boiled eggs for breakfast instead of sugary pastries and cereal. (Diet Tip:  Hard boiled eggs are the secret to my 2 lb loss! And yummy, too, if you like eggs! I do!)

  • I will continue to eat less meat. I hardly eat meat already anyway as it is. However, I have been eating more beef and pork this year because I cook them for Mr Sweetie. (Yes, I am blaming it on him!) I will eat veggies and tofu on weekdays and save the meat on weekends. (Diet Tip: My newest healthy lunch fave is kimchi. Yup, kimchi with brown rice. Get the ones without MSG and preservatives.)

  • I will continue to manage my stress by coming to work 30-40 minutes early. The delayed train is the boon to my existence. So I started getting up half an hour early. (YAY! That is a huge accomplishment for a grouchy, non-morning person that I am!) This gives me enough time to get to the train station early, have plenty of time to inspect my make-up, buy pastry at the local bakeshop (I know!), and have time to write a post like this one! And I do not stress even if the train is stuck or delayed. I just bury myself on my Kindle or Instagram.

  • I will finish reading The Book Thief before the end of the year.  

  • I will have dinner with my friends that I hardly see during the year. Every year we plan on meeting up but we never do. I had a nice dinner with one of my girls already. Two more to go! This year it will finally happen!

There! This is not a very exciting list but it is important to slow down and re-group.  I think I am doing okay so far. I have to remember that I am doing the best that I can.  I will create my summer, autumn and winter list as these seasons come. (Well, I am behind on my summer list but I have it written somewhere.) What’s on your mid-year list?

(By the way, the Kate Spade purse is a Christmas present from my sister and the journal is a gift from BFF "Trilogymom". Aren't they cute?! Thanks for making my summer looking bright and happy!)


  1. I like this! It's so important to take every month and think back over it. I do monthly goals as well, just to make sure I'm on track.

  2. I can't believe how time is flying by really fast either! There's nothing wrong with starting fresh in the middle of the year. Any day is a good day for positive change! I've been hearing a lot about David's Tea. I should give it a try if it's cheaper than Teavana! Good luck with all of your goals! Persistence is key :).


  3. After my bf gave me a set plus more of David's Tea last Christmas, I have been hooked since! David's Tea has fun and yummy flavors. One of my faves is "fruits and nuts" tea which not only tastes yummy but smells so good as well! I always pass by David's Tea at the SF Shopping Center on my way to BART which is why it so accessible and hard to resist. I have not really tried much Teavana. I'll check out the store next time. Whenever David's Tea goes on sale, I always end up buying different flavors and their tea mugs as well. They are just so cute! :)

  4. The Book Thief is not the best way to manage your stress, Jas! Hahahaha that book gave me such a rollercoaster of emotions!

    Teesh ♥ Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    1. You're right! That's why I read a ton of chicklits at the same time! ;)