Weekly Gratitude Post, Vol 2017, Number 2

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week of June  12-18, 2017
Father's Day Weekend

"Heatwave" is what sums up this entire week.


This week has been so unusually hot in the Bay Area. It was so excrutiatingly hot that we had a difficult time sleeping. It hardly gets hot in San Francisco and surrounding cities including where we live that no one really owns an air conditioner. We own a portable one but this week, it was no match to the record-breaking 80 - 100+ degree weather all over the Bay Area. We packed our bags and set out from Oakland to our house in the burbs where there is air conditioning.

First off, despite the busy week, I got to have lunch twice with friends:

  • I had a delicious Malaysian Hokkien Mee with my friend, Bonnie, at Azalina's located at The Market inside the Twitter building. I have been craving these noodles for ages. 
  • My friend Karen and I caught up  over a bowl of mushroom curry udon noodles at the newly opened Kagawa-Ya Udon Noodles Co.


As I have been saying earlier,it was Hot! Hot! Hot! Mr Sweetie and I did a staycation in the burbs on Saturday. We went grocery shopping for Father's Day celebration the next day, and had pupusas for date night. We burst out laughing everytime we see the sign on their door that says 'Hmmm, pupusas!" Great marketing strategy as that was what bought us to this hole in a wall El Salvadorean restaurant called Restaurante Mi Salvador. The food is authentic, home-cooked and delicious.

We went home, turned the air conditioner on and watched "Get Out". We enjoyed watching this trippy psychological thriller. We slept well that night. I cooked a nice pancake, eggs and potatoes breakfast the next morning.


The next day was Father's Day. We spent it at Mr Sweetie's parents' house to celebrate. His mom and I BBQ'd despite the 102 degree weather while drinking plenty of chardonnay. We had plenty of food and it was food coma as always.

We had carne asada, ribs, shrimp boil, salmon, pasta salad and a birthday cake to celebrate Mr Sweetie's mom's birthday as well. 

It was a beautiful and relaxing weekend that felt like a staycation. 

What I am thankful for:

  • The gift of  comfortable homes.
  • Mr Sweetie's family who has become my own.
  • The blessings of abundant feast shared among family.
  • Lunch dates with friends who bring me sanity during my busy work life.
  • The loving fathers in my family.
  • The blessing of my dad. I called my dad in the Philippines to wish him "Happy Father's Day." My siblings and I have been blessed with very loving parents, including a very loving dad. My dad has generously provided for us not just materially but spiritually as well. I love my daddy very much and I am thankful for every day that he is healthy and strong. 
  • And as always,  fun times and weekend with Mr Sweetie.


  1. When I went to Sacramento last month, it was 109F out there! Looks like you had a lot of delicious food lately! The curry udon noodles look especially tasty. The food you all had for Father's Day looks amazing! Glad to see the things you're thankful for :). Have a great week!


  2. Good food is one of life's pleasures! Sharing them among friends and family make them yummier! 🍲😊

  3. I'd love to live somewhere where I don't have the need to own an AC!! Belated happy fathers day to your dad! :)

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl

    1. We have microclimate here in the Bay Area. Just 10 minutes away and it could be a difference of 10 to 20 degree weather. Where I live it is consistently cool and not far from San Francisco's weather. Once we cross this tunnel on another direction less than 10 minutes from the house, it is 20 degrees warmer! There is even a block in SF where once you cross it, it's like the weather changed from winter to summer! Trick is to layer and never trust the Bay Area weather. LOL!