Sacramento | Romantic Weekender at the Citizen Hotel

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Our staycation in Sacramento in May was a celebration of all things accomplished since January. The beginning of 2017 has been fraught with great things (cruise to Mexico in January, business trip/vacation in Texas in April and business trip in Vegas in May), and stressors related to home ownership and car issues. So, with successful presentations in Texas and Vegas, fun five margarita-filled days with the Mr Sweetie at the San Antonio Riverwalk; with the leaky roof due to stormy winter (still unresolved) and car issues that concluded with me finally buying a brand-new Jeep (that I am totally in love with now!) -- Sacramento was our time and place to breathe.

It was such a lovely present from Mr Sweetie to give me this staycation gift of drinks, music, brunch and weekend stay in Sacramento.

He gave me a choice if I wanted to stay at Grand Hyatt or  The Citizen Hotel. I havejust recently stayed at the Grand Hyatt in San Antonio, Texas a month ago. As much as I really enjoyed my stay at this luxury hotel, I wanted to stay somewhere with more character and charm. So I chose to stay at The Citizen which is a boutique hotel.
The Citizen Hotel is definitely full of historic charm. It is one of the Autograph Collection Hotels which I have not heard of before my stay here. They are old buildings with history that were renovated, preserved and "celebrated". The Citizen was definitely full of charm and soul. It was once a California Insurance Building in 1925 and California's first skyscraper. Old political propaganda were displayed as artwork. (They were not very conducive to relaxation, though if you are trying to escape politics!)

The room felt small (most especially after my recent stay at the spacious Texas Grand Hyatt and Bellagio in Las Vegas). It showed its age but it was packed with timeless charm that cannot be found in soulless hotels. We had a breathtaking view of the downtown Sacramento. 

Creature comforts were adequate such as the Keurig coffee maker, plush towels, etc. The bathroom was big for the small room and has retro fixtures and high ceiling. Love it!  

Would I recommend staying at The Citizen? If you want a spacious luxury hotel, then maybe this might not be where you want to sleep. If you want charm, The Citizen has plenty. The lobby itself was elegant and had the feel of bygone era. The location is also perfect.

When we got there music and food truck event were going on right at the park just across the street from the hotel. We were told that the outdoor concert happens every Friday. The hotel is located right where the actions are in downtown for dining and clubbing. It is just few minutes drive away from Old Sacramento which unfortunately we did not get to go to because  Sacramento Music Fest was going on that weekend and I was not feeling it. We decided to go to brunch instead.

It was also on the pricey side. One night was about $250 per night compared to a little under $300 per night at the posh Bellagio in Las Vegas. That one was expensed, though. :)

It was a fun weekender for us. Thanks to my Mr Sweetie for such a romantic and sweet staycation. ;) 

By the way, if you ever go, have brunch at Pushkin! Highly recommended!

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  1. Staycations are great! You still feel like you're away from home without spending all of the crazy money. Mr. Sweetie stays true with his name by being sweet! I was in Sacramento a few weeks ago and it was hot!

    The hotel room looks cute. Life is not always about staying at luxury hotels. Glad to see you enjoying your time!

  2. Thanks! I love staycations. Not a lot of fuss having to do the whole airport and flight thing but you still get to getaway. I can just imagine how hot Sacramento was when you went. Luckily for us when we went in May, the weather was still pretty mild. I want to go back around the holidays as my friend told me that Old Sac is really festive around Christmastime. :)

  3. I love the view from your room! Mr Sweetie did very well. :)

    Teesh ♥ || Adventures of Cupcake Girl