Goodbye, Summer!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Summer 2017, you have been very hot! You were hot because you celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Summer of Love, and you were so hot that you broke every heat wave record in history!
I really do not know where summer went. It was my bad, not summer's fault. I have been extremely busy at work that I did not get to spend being out there enjoying the sun as much. Most especially that San Francisco unusually got a lot of sun this year. Despite everything, I still had many fun moments. Here are the highlights of my Summer 2017:


Summer officially started on June 20th, however I am including my vacations in May because I went to super-hot cities.

 1. A Weekend in Sacramento: Where Mr Sweetie spoiled me with a weekend of fun. We stayed the night at The Citizen Hotel, went barhopping here, and had a lovely brunch here.

2. Work/Vacation in San Antonio Texas: I was there in May for work but Mr Sweetie and I turned it into lovely vacay. I hope to post about my trip on my blog someday. :(

Each season brings simple joys. Here is my summer list:

1. Tomatoes: I look forward to summer because of sweet and juicy tomatoes. I grew mine but many people at work also brought their harvest. Needless to say, I did not even need to buy tomatoes this season.
2. Sunflowers 3. Figs 4. Beautiful flowers everywhere!

So many reasons to celebrate this summer:

1. BFF's Belated Birthday: Our yearly BFF tradition. I wrote about our beautiful afternoon celebrating her special day over drinks, delicious eats, museum visit, coffee and cake on this post
2. Fourth of July:  A weekend long celebration at home and with the family where bbq, wine and fun were plentiful.
3. 75th Birthday:  Mr Sweetie and I planned a surprise birthday party for his dad. It was fun planning it with his mom where we had to meet with her in secret.
4. Labor Day Weekend: This holiday weekend was hot! Hot! Hot! We could not sleep and decided to pack our stuff including the cat and stayed at our house in the suburbs until Monday for the airconditioning. The weekend was also packed with friends' and family celebrations. It was fun hanging out and watching movies including "The Mummy".

(Mr Sweetie bought me donuts and latte for breakfast on Sunday.)

5. Baby Ceremony: This is a very special one as my Laotian sister and her husband adopted a baby girl. There was a big celebration at His Lordship in Berkeley.  We are over the moon happy for our friends on their special bundle of joy!
6. Sweet 16 - BBQ to celebrate Vanna's 16th on Labor Day Sunday.
7. GBF's Birthday at Max's - A yearly birthday celebration with my friend Russ and his partner. 


3. Museum Coffee Dates with BFF at SFMOMA
4. Cafe Bistro (SF) with my girl Janetita: A beautiful summer evening of friendship with a view of Downtown San Francisco over dinner.

5.  Wine at Mountain Mike's (Pittsburg, CA): - With Mr Sweetie's mom one very hot summer afternoon while trying to secretly plan Mr. Sweetie's dad's 75th birthday. I really enjoyed this brief meetup. Sun and chilled wine on a very hot summer afternoon!
7. Andersen Bakery (SF): Sandwich lunch date with amiga mejor because it was very hot! We caught up after not seeing each other in few months and after her trip from Europe.

4. Loud Cowboy Bar at Overland Bar and Grill in Oakland
5. Peruvian Food find at Lunahuana Peruvian Buffet
6. Diner Brunch at Country Grill

1. Udon at Kagaya-Wa Udon in SF with Karen
2. Senor Sisig  and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream with GBF and Bonnie during volunteer work
3. Golden Era with Ashley, friend from Brooklyn,  and Katy
4. A delicious potluck party to celebrate the re-design of our beautiful break room at work 
*The pictures are on my IG. Follow me @msfoodloversf !
Eclipse: We had a fun eclipse party at work and I am glad that no one turned up blind after staring at this magnificent phenomenon!

Heatwave: Did I already mention that this summer has been a record-breaker?
The National Weather Service announced that Downtown San Francisco reached an all-time high of 106 degrees on Friday, as a dangerous heat wave shatters temperature records throughout the region.The weather service announced Friday that San Francisco broke the previous record of 103 degrees set in 2000 at 2:43 p.m. Weather records for San Francisco date back to June of 1874. - CBS News

Goodbye, summer! Thank you for the gift of warmth, summer fruits, lovely sunflowers and summer celebrations of love with family and friends! 

Wishing everyone a cozy and cool fall season!

How hot has this summer of 2017 been for you? Temperature-wise and hmmm, you know what I mean?! ;)

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