Fall Date at the Pumpkin Patch

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I am so happy that I was able to cross one of the items off  my Fall Bucket List which is to visit a Pumpkin Patch. Yes, I used "so happy" because it takes very little to amuse me. And Mr Sweetie knew it. 

Going to the Pumpkin Patch, though, meant that I am not able to cross another item off my list this year. It meant that I missed atttending the Fall Harvest  Festival at my church. Mr Sweetie and I initially planned to take my nephews and niece to dinner then go to  the Fall Harvest with them at our church. This is a yearly tradition that I started with my nephews few years ago. It did not happen this year because my siblings had other plans with their families. 

Mr Sweetie knew that I was sad. Since we already planned Sundate instead of our usual Saturdate, he tried to cheer me up. We went to brunch first, then picked up a box of Starbread and then took me to the Pumpkin Patch.

I really just wanted to enjoy the  festive fall atmosphere, be surrounded by pumpkins, take pictures and do a fall date activity with Mr Sweetie. I got all of the above plus a cool instagram post. #fallgoal We did not buy a pumpkin because I already met my pumpkin quota at least for Halloween. We walked through the patch, watched kids play and families pick their pumpkins, and I took all the pictures that I wanted. All these joys for a $1 -- because I bought a little ghost ring that lights up. Happy moments do not really need to cost much or at all. Well, maybe a dollar. 

Maybe I should start calling him "pumpkin". Maybe NOT.

Do you have a favorite fall date activity?


Simple Joys #6: An afternoon at the pumpkin patch

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