A Super Fun Halloween To Remember

Sunday, November 5, 2017

All is well that ends well…. I honestly thought that Halloween was going to be a let down. Two weeks before Halloween, the weather turned cold and cozy as how fall weather should be. I happily took my  Uggs out of the closet as well as the scarves and coats.  Houses in my neighborhood were already decorated and it was so much fun walking home from the train station at night to look at the houses. 

Then a week before Halloween, it got scorching hot as if we were in  the middle of summer! Indian summer came really late this year. It was sandal weather once again! I even had to buy another pumpkin because the first one I bought rotted in the heat! Grrr!  I often buy a bunch of big pumpkins leading to Halloween each year but I was not feeling it because of the warm weather.

I was almost losing hope when sweater weather arrived on the weekend before Halloween. Yay! My Uggs came out of the closet (again!) as well as scarves, socks and coats. October 31st turned out to be super-fun! The weather got crisp and the air got chilly, and  everyone on the streets and at work seemed to be in a very festive mood.

As soon as I walked in to work on Halloween morning, a couple of coworkers in witch costumes were going office to office trick or treating. They gave out candies instead of asking for them. 

All day our emails were loaded with pictures of co-workers in really fun outfits and totally got into the character as well. Co-workers who decided to be Guilty Remnant for the day wore white, had a cigarette stuck to their mouth all day and refused to speak. Even their bosses indulged them! LOL! I was cracking up every time I checked my email and found more co-workers in outrageous costumes. I kept on running into warlocks, a mustachioed woman, a bloody character from The Shining, KISS rocker, etc.  

We also had a pumpkin contest, and those pumpkins were far from toothy jack-o-lanterns. My co-workers are very creative, artsy and imaginative. My team and I grabbed a pumpkin but chickened out as soon as we saw how my co-workers are some freakin' Van Gogh's! 

I myself came to work as a kitty cat complete with ears, a tail and had no shame raising my paws and meowing to greet people. I know, it was not very original but it was fun. And the best part, BFF stopped by at work and we were happy to find ourselves twinning as #catBFFs. And we did not plan out having matching Halloween outfits. She dropped me a bag of treats as well as delicious food that became dinner later. I am such a lucky gal to have her as my BFF! And so happy that I got to see her and got to spend a little bit of time with her during Halloween.

There were Halloween parties going on in different departments, and happy to say that I was well-fed all day. I had soul food in one party and dim sum in another. Of course, chocolates and candies were everywhere!

I ended up working all day because I was having so much fun. Mr Sweetie called me to say that we already had trick or treaters as early as 3 pm! He bought candies and a cute basket this year.

As our tradition every year, we watch scary movies while waiting for little fairies and goblins to ring the doorbell.  We would always order pizza but since BFF gave me a ton of delicious food (stuffed raviolis, Mexican salad and Indian food), those were what Mr Sweetie and I had for dinner while watching Vampires: Los Muertos (Yes, it was a bad cheesy vampire movie but perfect for Halloween!)

I was not really expecting any trick or treaters. My street is not decorated as my neighbors are boring with a capital B. There is only another house aside from mine that puts out jack o lanterns and such. I still decorate because I just love Halloween and do not care whether we get trick or treaters or not. 

We were in for a big surprise! We got about 70 little kids yelling "trick or treat"  at our door compared to last year's 8 children. We gave them about 3 candies each and it was so much fun to see their faces light up. We think that they came from impoverished neighborhoods and we are happy that they came to visit us on our street.

I was all happy and hyped up as we turned the patio light out at 9 pm. It was truly a fun and cozy Halloween this year. As always I had fun with Mr Sweetie who loves Halloween as much as I do (even though he will not admit but guess where my cat costume and Halloween outfits throughout the years came from?!).  And a special one because I got to also spend this holiday with BFF which is both our favorite holiday. I did not want it to end and already looking forward to Halloween next year!

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