Gratitude Post | September Edition

Friday, November 10, 2017

I know, I know. Posting September in November? The nerve! Oh, well, let us blame it on this year that is going sooo fast. Really! It so happens that September was full of fun memories that I want to hold on to. Even though I would rather forget the excruciatingly hot and record-breaking summer that we had! On September 1, it was 103 degrees in San Francisco and 104 in Oakland! These were unheard of! Living in these parts of the Bay Area, we do not own an air conditioner as the weather here is always mild and more chilly than not. 

Here are the highlights of this freakishly hot month:

LABOR DAY WEEKEND Sept 2-4 - This weekend was full of fun celebrations. 

  • Baby Dedication: My friend who is also my Laotian sister adopted a baby girl. She and her husband are over the moon. Mr Sweetie and I attended the Baci Ceremony. It was a beautiful ceremony with Laotian dances and delicious food at His Lordship in Berkeley.  We have not seen each other in years but the bond of friendship is still as strong as ever.

  • Weekend in the Suburbs:  After attending the ceremony, Mr Sweetie and I went back to our house in North Oakland, packed the cat and our stuff,and hightailed it to somewhere cooler. We have not been sleeping well at all because of the heat. We decided to stay at our other house in the burbs where there is a centralized air conditioner. 
Mr Sweetie bought me donuts and latte for breakfast while were staying at our house in the burb during the hot Labor Day Weekend.

  • Vanna's 16th Birthday on Sunday

DATE NIGHTS:  In addition to Labor Day Weekend, here are more date night moments.
  • Habit Burger : Since we were looking forward to going to Levi's Stadium to watch football the next morning, Mr Sweetie and I just grabbed a quick burger for date night. 

  • Football at the Levi's Stadium Sept 10: My first time watching football game at the stadium.  Mr Sweetie and I ate too much stadium food and had so much fun!

  • BBQ delivery and movie night at home -- Since the last  few weekends have been pretty busy, we decided to just have a chill  Saturday, order BBQ and watch Dracula (2 & 3) marathon.

  • Mr Sweetie's Baby Nephew's 1st Birthday Party Sept 30
  • Fried chicken from the Waffle Roost: Mr Sweetie had a function at work catered by Waffle Roost Foodtruck and he brought me some. Yum!

  • Bacon Egg Boat:  Rediscovering how delicious this savory pastry is from Rockridge Market Hall. 

  • Lunch with Amiga Mejor: It was so hot that we ended up having sandwiches at Anderson Bakery on the first day of September but it was nice to see her after she returned from her trip to Europe. She brought me a pair of pretty earrings and a key chain from London. 

  • Museum Date with BFF: BFF and I met up at our second BFF HQ which is San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. We had a wonderful time chatting and catching up and as always, she spoils me and gave me a bunch of yummy treats. 

MOMENT WORTH REMEMBERING: A lovely conversation with my dad one Sunday afternoon after chuch. 

The last day of September was spent celebrating Mr Sweetie's nephew's baby's 1st birthday. It was a lovely afternoon. Ironically, as September started out as very hot, on its last day, we found ourselves feeling chilly in the backyard where we spent chatting and drinking wine until 1 am with Mr Sweetie's family. 

I am grateful for this month that was full of many blessings. I am thankful for the comfort of home from the elements, the warmth of the love of friends and family, my dad's love, abundance of  delicious food and overflowing wines, and babies who bring us so much joy.

Goodbye, September. You were hot but you were fun. 

Hello, October!

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