Fall Joy Checklist | 2017 Edition

Sunday, November 12, 2017

The stores are already packed with Christmas decorations. Santa and his elves have replaced the pumpkins! Noooo! It is still fall! Winter does not start until December 21st. It is only the 12th of November. There are 6 more weeks before winter and I am going to enjoy fall for as long as I can!  Friends and loved ones who are closest to me know how much I look forward to fall, and how it is my most favorite time of the year. I am going to blissfully remain in major fall mood until winter comes. 

Here is my fall enjoyment check list -- pictures and links and all!:

1) Decorate the house for Halloween (then fall)

2) Eat every pumpkin-spice food I can get hold of

And I did and I still do. So far I've had pumpkin spice bagel, pumpkin spice tea,  pumpkin pie... Thanks, BFF, for the super-yummy pumpkin spice cookie butter and turning me on to TJ's pumpkin spice biscotti! While Mr Sweetie gave me a box of pumpkin spice mini-cupcakes.

3) Take pictures of every fall - related stuff I see

My phone is  loaded with fall pics. I just cannot stop snapping away. Some of them can be found on these posts: 
Simple Joys # 5: Color of Fall and Date Night: Halloween Stroll

4) Read a fall cozy mystery

I enjoyed more than one. They are just fluffy reads but definitely got me in the mood for fall.
  •  Autumn Hearts It was not really a cozy mystery. It is about two couples (one mature and one young 20-something newly weds) who found themselves at a bed and breakfast at a magical place called Cape Harriett. I enjoyed the setting and the food more than the story. If you want to get transported to a place where autumn is truly celebrated, then read this book.
  • Haunt Flashes  A really silly, no-brainer, hardly any substance novel about an old love and a ghost in the modern time. It is a cute love story that took place in Hollywood. 
  • Candy Coated Murder Another cozy mystery at Pumpkin Hollow which is  a place where Halloween is celebrated year round. As much as I love Halloween, I do not want it celebrated year round because where is the fun in that?!
5) Watch scary movies all throughout October

Mr Sweetie and I watched a vampire marathon which were all pretty bad films but vampires are in this season! And what a great season to discover Stranger Things! Mr Sweetie and I are hooked!

6) Do a Disney Halloween movie marathon

Every year, Mr Sweetie records a Disney Halloween movie for me. This year he recored  Twitches (Mowry Sisters). We watched it together one Saturday. Cute but just okay. While I watched All Hollow's Eve  and Zapped! on my own. Both boring! Please give me the uber cheesy 1982 version, instead! At least, it is a classic!

7) Buy pumpkins -- big and small ones

8) Do a Trader Joe's Pumpkin Haul (See #2.)

9) Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Here is my post:  Fall Date At The Pumpkin Patch

10) Celebrate Halloween

Extra special Halloween this year because I got to spend a little bit of time with BFF! I was over the moon seeing her on this holiday! Here is my post: A Super Fun Halloween To Remember

11) Walk to the train station to enjoy the fall morning

Instead of driving to BART, I walk instead so I can enjoy the solitude of chilly fall mornings where  the leaves have already turned their colors.

13) Step on leaves of different colors

Hmmm, not a shabby joys of fall checklist. I am not done yet! I have more items on my list  --  bake (another) pumpkin bread, cook a pumpkin curry in coconut milk,  eat a pumpkin spice ice cream, etc. etc.... I might just do a Fall Joy Checklist Part 2!

What makes your heart sing this fall? 

Simple Joys # 7 

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