Wednesday, January 3, 2018

I know that it is already the New Year -- 2018, yet I am still stuck on Christmas. Well, there are three reasons: first, it is the 3rd of January and the Christmas tree along with decorations are still up so it is still pretty much Christmas at our house. Second, I love Christmas and I am not ready to move on.  And lastly, I want to always remember our beautiful Christmas Day in 2017 by posting about it on my blog.

After a festive and crazed Christmas Eve with my family that lasted until 1 am on Christmas Day (best Christmas ever!), December 25th was chill and laid back. In other words, PERFECT! 

2:00 am: Came home from Christmas Eve with my family while Mr Sweetie waited up for me. 

9:00 am: I was still dazed from lack of sleep but Mr Sweetie and I woke up early to drive to our second house in the suburbs to meet up with a couple of family members. We decided to open our presents later when we return. He insisted that I opened one box which contained a cute pompom beanie and two pairs of gloves so I could wear them that morning.

11:00 am:  We drove to our second house in the suburbs where we had breakfast with a couple of our loved ones. I made cinnamon bread and coffee, and exchanged presents with Nick and Caitlin.
1:00 pm:  We drove back to our main house in Oakland after they left. Mr Sweetie and I finally opened the presents that we got for one another.

As always he spoiled me with lots of lovely presents. I like little things so every year he gets me many presents that I could open on Christmas Day. This is the first year where I did not  clothes from Bebe. Every year for as long as I can remember he goes to Bebe for my presents.  (After a couple of years, I found out that he actually asked the sales person to shop for him for me. He would just give them my size! My friends and I were always wondering because the clothes are always spot on. Ha! Ha!) He said that he found out that the Bebe stores in the US have closed and it is now an online store. It was okay since I still have bags of Bebe clothes from many Christmases that I have not even worn yet!

2:00 pm:  I made him a lunch of Honey Baked ham and eggs while I had the leftover kare-kare (oxtail stewed in peanut sauce) and rice that my mom made. So good!

3:00 pm:  We fell asleep on the couch and pretty much slept until early evening! Such a delicious sleep that I have not had in a long time! 

8:00 pm:  I made him a turkey sandwich for dinner while I ate more Filipino food leftovers from Noche Buena from the night before.

Then we fell asleep again shortly right after!

What  a beautiful Christmas. I was relaxed, truly happy and content. I got everything I ever wanted. The material things were nice but just extra. My real presents are being able to spend this holiday with the ones I really love -- my mom and dad, Mr Sweetie, siblings, nephews and niece, sis and bro in laws, my cat, BFF and dear friends.

I am a big kid and will always be. I love to give presents and I admit that I am happy when I get presents as well. I do not care for the price. I love presents because it  meant that I have been thought of and somebody took the time to make me happy.  I hope to post pictures of my Christmas presents in February which is my birthday. (Why? Because my birthday is also like Christmas Day!)   

In the mean time, here are the stuff that I got this year for Christmas:

  • A bottle of Flower Bomb that I have always wanted.
  • A pair of knee high Aldo boots
  • 2 pairs of yoga pants, 2 sports bras and 2 blouses all from Athleta
  • 4 sets of Bath and Body Works  lotions and shower gels! I would not need to buy these for a year!
  • 4 big 3-wick candles from Bath and Body Works because he knows how much I love candles
  • 2 cans of tea from Davids Tea which are my favorites!
  • A  pompom beanie and matching gloves and two pairs of  gloves
  • A Moet and Chandon champagne which  he gave me on New Year's Eve
  • Michael Kors bag from my sister
  • Cheese and crackers set from Hickory Farms (because I put it on my wishlist LOL!) from my brother, sis-in-law, nephew and niece
  • Robe from Mr Sweetie's parents
  • A super-cute stuffed pink piggy bank from Nick and Caitlin
  • Clothes and yummy goodies from the Philippines from my mom and dad -- and for visiting us this holiday season! (Mixed in with treats from my cousins and aunts  from the Philippines.)
  • Christmas ornament, Burts Bees lip gloss  set, face mask and Body Butter from H
  • An initial necklace, cute pouch and face masks from A
  • A set of tea from Tea Forte and hand lotions from L' Occitane  from J
  • A set of loop earrings from JM
  • A pretty make up bag and scarf from E

  • Hot chocolate with cookies and wooden spoon from M
  • Boot socks from L
  • Toffee from B
This year my sister in law also gave me all her old Christmas ornaments, Nativity set and angel topper which I am happy to accept because they are a part of my past Christmases as well. She also gave us her old tree because they decided to buy a fresh one. We put that tree at our second house. 
And what did I get Mr Sweetie? (And he loves his presents!)
  • The newest version of Fitbit
  • A Soda Stream Machine
  • A couple of shirts from LL Bean
  • A pair of Levis
  • A pair of Asics running shoes
My heart is happy. I love my presents. In turn, I also enjoyed giving all my loved ones their presents. I am so thankful for Christmas.  And I feel truly loved and blessed.

What are your favorite Christmas presents this year?

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