Hopes, Wishes and Dreams For 2018

Friday, January 5, 2018

I have purposely waited few days after the New Year to post my 2018 list of goals . I am actually very excited for the new year. I do not know why. I remember not having this feeling of exuberance  about 2017. Last year I was grateful for the fresh start but was also feeling a little lost and uninspired. 

I just feel good this year! I feel  a fresh jolt of energy.  I have been writing the goals in my head since November. I think it is because I  made a decision to not wait until January to start working on what I want to achieve. For example, I just went head on and started eating a healthy diet mid-year. I drank tons of tea and less glasses of wine per week.  I reaped the rewards of my efforts in November when I got rewarded with a one word result from my annual physical exam -- normal. This meant that I am no longer pre-diabetic and my blood sugar level is normal. I lost 4 lbs by not dieting but by improving my lifestyle. 

So maybe these little achievements provide continued inspirations to be as good or better  onto the  start of a new year. With my mom and dad visiting during the holidays as well, my heart is also full of joy.  

Then, you know what, as I was finally putting my thoughts on  "paper" (or computer screen), I decided that I do not want or need an elaborate production of my 2018 list of goals. 

I only want few things and here they are:


1. I want to take my lunch break every single day at work. 

I eat lunch but I hardly ever take my 15 minute breaks in the morning and afternoon, and my 1 hour lunch break. I eat at my desk while working. I am proud that I work very hard and love every minute of it.  But I want to do so many things during that hour during my day: read a book, explore other neighborhoods in SF, write a blog post, etc. 

2. I want to read at least 5 good literature this year.

I am constantly reading. I read 2-3 books at a time but the the book covers of what I read are not something I can proudly display on the train. "Yeah, fellow passengers, I read  cozy mysteries and chicklit." I know, they are no-brainers and total fluff but they are very entertaining. They make me escape from the packed morning commute where there is no such thing as personal space. Instead, I get transformed into a tea house in Charleston and solve a non-gory mystery while eating scones (in my head). I read at least one substantial literary work a year. In 2018, I want to extend the list to 5 books, at least.

3. I want to lose 8 lbs. 

How? By continuing to eat a good diet of gluten-free bread for breakfast, brown rice and veggies for lunch, boiled egg for snack (which is nature's protein bar), an occasional square of dark chocolate and  something healthy for dinner. And by drinking pots upon pots of hot tea. I want my glass of wine, though, 2 - 3 times a week.  And yes, Ms., do not forget that portion control is a MUST!


1. I need to see a physical therapist for my back.

I am tired of living with back pain and I have put off this therapy for so long. 

2. I need to see the dentist again.

I saw her in 2017 and another great news -- no cavities! I need cleaning, though!

3. I need to schedule that bulky pickup and donate.

I need to get rid of that dilapidated bench that I picked up from my trip from Costa Rica 10 years ago, my cat's tower so I can get him a new one and maybe the futon but I have not decided yet.  While I am at it, I need to continue to donate more clothes that I no longer wear or have never worn so others can enjoy them!


1.  Philadephia in March

Yay! It is a work travel but I am excited as I have never been to this city that is so full of  rich US history (Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc). And yes, both Mr Sweetie and I are looking forward to finally tasting that authentic Philly Cheesesteak (while learning about US history). He is going to join me after my business is over.

2. New Orleans in June

This will be my second trip to this Southern city. I am so looking forward to sinking my teeth into those sugary beignets at Cafe Du Monde once again, devouring an oyster po boy (yum!) while being in the  midst of cradle of American history.  Mr Sweetie will also join me here after my work business is over. 

2018  AND ALWAYS...

1. Worship every Sunday.

I made this my goal two years ago. I am so proud that since 2014, I wake up early every Sunday and drive that hour drive to go to church, worship with my family then have lunch together afterwards.

2. Family first.

Always make time for my family which is already the case. Do not miss birthdays and important dates. Take the time to talk to my sister on the phone everyday. Call mom and dad every week. 

3. Plan fun Saturdates with Mr Sweetie.

No matter how tired I am, we need to go out every Saturday even if it is just at a taqueria. We are already very good at this because we both agree that date nights are very important in our relationship. We just need to keep on going and I need to plan fun date nights every so often. 

4. Go on  many BFF Adventures

Explore more neighborhoods in SF. Have more coffee dates. Plan more. Dream more -- even if we cannot all accomplish them this year.  

5. Never let friends slip away.

Friendships take work. Even most of my friendships are for life, it is easy to let the year go by without seeing each other. Continue to stay connected as my friends are my family as well. Send random texts and plan lunch dates.


1. Bake a pie.
2. Go to Ocean Beach and hike down to Sutro Baths.
3. Cook a seafood paella.
4. Go for a walk at Crissy Field and watch the sunset.
5. Take a book to One Sansome and read until it gets dark.
Life is a list in progress.

WELCOME, 2018!






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