Reno, Nevada | "Football" Margaritas at El Jefe Cantina

Sunday, January 21, 2018

What is better than one margarita? Two margaritas! And what's better than two margaritas? Six margaritas! Upon arriving in Reno in the early Saturday afternoon and checking into our room at the Circus Circus, Mr Sweetie and I met up with my family who left for Reno on Friday night. We said our "hellos" and watched the family play at the card games. Mr Sweetie himself tried his luck at the roulette while I smartly stayed away from any machine that will rob me of my hard earned money. Okay, I admit it, I spent $5 on a slot machine after I got bored watching everybody play.

After Mr Sweetie won and lost and won and lost again, I was beyond bored and feeling a little hungry. My family could not decide where and when dinner would be. I told Mr Sweetie that we should just grab a drink and some appetizers while the family is deciding and still playing.

We headed to El Jefe's Cantina which is a Mexican Restaurant that is located at Circus Circus. The restaurant has a festive feel to it as it is open and looks into the people milling around walking from one hotel to another. 

As planned, we sat down and ordered  Street Fries $6.25 (Butter, Garlic, Cilantro & Cotija)   and  Cheese Quesadilla $6 (Asadero Cheese, JalapeƱo, Pickled Red Onion, Pico de Gallo). 

And we also ordered a couple of El Jefe House Margaritas $10 each(Milagro Silver Tequila, 03 Orange Liqueur, Fresh Lime, Splash Fresh OJ, Salted Rim, Lime Garnish).

Now this is where the fun begins. After finishing his drink, Mr Sweetie ordered another round for both of us. I was still working on mine. (By the way, the street fries were delish! I always love cotija cheese. The saltiness was a perfect accompaniment to the tangy taste of the margarita.)

Our awesome server suggested that we get the $4 margaritas each instead of the $10 ones. Better value he said. We thought, okay, maybe they are watered down but it is fine. They turned out to be really yummy, as big and as strong as the $10 ones!

When our server came around for the third time, Mr Sweetie ordered another round because "they are only $4 each!"  And he also placed an order of Baja Poke  $9.95 (Ahi Tuna, Serrano Chili, Sriracha, Sesame Oil, Tamari, Pickled Red Onion & Micro Cilantro)

All these times the complimentary chips and salsa kept on coming.  

In the end, Mr Sweetie drank 4 margaritas while I had 2. He was still able to walk  -- surprisingly -- as this man does not really drink! The last time he had a couple of beers was last year in May during our staycation in Sacramento

Then we got our check -- $48!  We started laughing! How did this happen?! And yes, the amount was correct. So cheap for the amount of drinks and food that we got, and we truly enjoyed them! We were buzzed (okay, happily inebriated) and our wallets were happy.  We still do not know how we got the $4 margaritas. It was not Happy Hour but our check shows "Football margaritas".  Oh, well, whatever deal it was -- it was awesome! And Mr Sweetie and I had so much fun imbibing, eating and hanging out.

We made it back to our room on the 16th floor safe and without any incidents. We both passed out and  told my family that we could no longer join them for dinner. It is okay, we just met up with them the next morning for brunch. And surprisingly, no hangover!

Thank you for reading.  There will be more posts on my Reno adventure! (This is not a sponsored post. This was written purely out of my love for blogging and reminiscing.)

Reno Travel Tip:  Catch the Happy Hour at El Jefe Cantina at Circus Circus for yummy half-off margaritas.

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