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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

A buffet by any other name is still a buffet. Okay, this might not be a fair comparison of buffets because obviously, they are not all created equal. 

I am not a fan of buffets. Greatness or not, when faced with  daunting choices and massive quantities of food, I get overwhelmed.  I prefer just a plate or two of well-executed dishes, or a bunch of small appetizers like tapas. My family, though, have not met a buffet they have not liked. (Hmmm, maybe I have really been adopted!)

I never get my money's worth at buffets so I make up for the lack of eating by taking as many photos as I can, most especially at the dessert section. 

During our trip to Reno, my family and I met up at Flavors! The Buffet for brunch. The buffet's offerings are the usual suspects -- there's a roast beef and turkey carvery station,  a mix of ethnic foods (primarily Asian and Mexican), cold cuts and cheeses, a variety of hot dishes, pizza, fresh fruits and  cocktail shrimp. 

We went for the Champagne Brunch although I did not know about the bubbly part until we paid and left as we were not offered the champagne. Maybe we had to ask. It was okay though because we already had our fill of margaritas the night before.  I could not decide between breakfast or Chinese lunch so I got a plate of both. 

Final verdict is I am still not a fan of buffets. I probably ate  $10 worth of a plate of Mongolian beef, chow mein and rice. Definitely not worth the $29 per person that we paid for (although the website shows $18.99 per person.) I grabbed a plate of dessert just to take pictures of them. I know, wasteful, right? But that's how buffets are. Tons of food are just wasted and thrown out everyday when many people are sadly starving and malnourished. As for Flavors! itself, it was meh. I'll say it was all about quantity at this restaurant and not really about quality which is pretty typical of buffets.

Anyway, the time I spent with my entire family, though, over brunch and watching them happily stuffing themselves -- these are priceless memories and worth every penny of food that I did not get to eat.

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