Winter Goal | Play in the Snow at South Lake Tahoe

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Before heading back home from our weekend trip in Reno, Nevada, my family and I always stop by South Lake Tahoe to play in the snow. (Contrary to the belief that it does not snow in California, it actually does. South Lake Tahoe is in located in the state of California. And it actually snowed in San Francisco in 1976!)  

While those who live in snow countries might be getting a little tired of it, snow is exotic for those of us who live in the Bay Area. Lucky for us, we are just within 3 hours away from winter wonderland.

Except on the weekend that we were in  Reno, it did not snow at all. (Then it snowed really hard the day after we left!) 

There were 3 SUV's between my family and I  and we just parked at a snow bank on the side of the road. The kids and I ran on to the frozen lake. Mr Sweetie just stood by watching out as I was playing with the kids -- mostly with my 1 1/2 year old nephew who got to see and touch his first snow.  My mom and dad, sis in law and brother did not want to brave the cold and just stayed in the car. Half an hour in the snow satisfied my snow cravings. Mr Sweetie and I left  while my family stayed behind because the kids did not want to go just yet. My brother in law had to watch my fearless nephews and niece lest they fall in the lake.

So, my 2018 winter goals were met -- a) Play in the snow and b) Drive my brand new four wheel drive in the snow. 

I am hoping that Mr Sweetie and I could go back again before the end of winter for another round. Hopefully, the weather gives me plenty of snowflakes this time. 

What I was wearing:  Winter coat from Bebe, pants from Athleta and Uggs.

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