How I Celebrated My Birthday The Way I Wanted

Saturday, February 24, 2018

On my 30th birthday, I gave myself a big party at AsiaSF.  My friends and I ate Asian Fusion while watching a dinner show, danced all night then listened to acid jazz when we could no longer feel our legs. (I still do not know what acid jazz is even until now). When my party ended, my girlfriends and I went gallivanting at San Francisco's North Beach neighborhood all night. At almost 3 am, we ate Chinese food at San Francisco Chinatown.  Few weeks after that, I booked a solo trip to Thailand. Fun times.

Looking back, I had many fun unforgettable birthdays since my childhood where my parents celebrated my birthday every year. I am glad that I had those memories.  Nowadays, I only wish for a day of quiet and solitude. My everyday is full of rushing and making in the moment decisions. I wish that the world has a mute button so I can turn off the noise and only listen to silence, laughter of my friends and beautiful music. 

Life is not perfect so I can only wish for perfect moments. And those were my wishes for my birthday. So, for my birthday this year, I decided to give myself a long weekend of self-care as my very own birthday present. Below were those fleeting but lovely moments of my birthday week:

My birthday gift from Sephora this year.

FRIDAY, February 16


Every year on  my birthday month, I  go to Sephora to pick up my little box of birthday gift. It has become a yearly birthday tradition.  I also treat myself to some make up. I got myself a Sephora face powder this time because I do not really need anything at the moment.  Sign up, if you have not yet. Because they are free -- and good stuff like Marc Jacobs and Tarte. 

SATURDAY, February 17


On Friday at 8:10 pm, as I was driving home, I was rear-ended just few blocks from my house. I felt the impact on my back right away. Mr Sweetie took me to the emergency room just to be on the safe side. We were there until past 11 pm. I was fine but the valium I was given definitely knocked me out until the next day. I slept in and slept some more on Saturday. So it was a perfect day for pizza, wine and Wonder Woman. 

SUNDAY, February 18


I skipped church to get my hair and nails done. Since it was Chinese New Year, my stylist could only see me in the morning. It was a guilty treat as well because I always spend my Sundays with my parents but my family went on a weekend getaway to Reno and Lake Tahoe. I opted out because I have other plans for my birthday weekend.  This was the only chance that I could get for a little "pamper me" time. So I had cute gel nails and shiny hair in time for my birthday. Then I picked up  Vietnamese rice rolls which devoured  when I got home.

MONDAY, February 19, Presidents Day 


If I can drink a cup of coffee while I am in my pj's, I consider it a morning of bliss. To be able to binge on Netflix while drinking coffee, divine! While Mr Sweetie was  away at work, I enjoyed two cups of coffee with hazelnul cream, mini-tacos and a freshly baked sweet potato. I know, what a weird breakfast but it was what I was craving for. I also decided that I would detox and drink nothing but water all day which I did. Then I managed to  watch 8 episodes of  "The Good Place." My co-worker told me about this show and got to watch this for the first time and was really entertained. At 2pm, Mr Sweetie came home and we  re-watched "The Good Place" because I wanted to share the show with him.


TUESDAY, February 20


Today was my birthday and it was a perfect day at the Wine Country. I told Mr Sweetie that I get to plan my birthday this year. I do not want anything elaborate. I also do not fancy presents as he just spoiled me on Valentine's Day. I also have lots of clothes from over the years with tags still on. I told him that for my birthday, I want to have lunch in Napa Valley, then go for a stroll and get pastries from the world famous Bouchon afterwards. I got them all and it was a perfect day. Delicious pictures to be posted soon! In the mean time, he started off my birthday with a Sausage McMuffin and coffee from McD. It was a treat because I hardly never eat fast food, and I like it.
Me, the Birthday Girl, in Napa Valley

WEDNESDAY, February 2


Another birthday present for myself was to take an extra day off and I did! I always have so many projects but no time to work on them. But this time, I got to check 3 off my list!

  • 10000 emails - I deleted 10K junk mails and unsubscribed!
  • Facebook - I created a FB family only account so I can keep in touch with my family in the Philippines, Japan and London
  • Closet - And I cleaned out half of a closet in the second bedroom and set aside many things for donation. 
Then I parked on the couch with Mr Sweetie and we watched Stardust (2007), a cute fairy tale, then binge-watched River Monsters.


THURSDAY, February 22

It gets better! When I got back to work, my co-workers welcomed me with birthday wishes and this cute card! Only my closest friends and family know about my birthday but somehow they found out. I have the most awesome co-workers in the world! (And I job that I truly love!)


SUNDAY, February 2


My family gave me a birthday party. My sister-in-law cooked my favorite Filipino dishes (pansit, menudo and lumpia shanghai as well as fettuccine alfredo for the kids). It was a simple meal with my family but I was so happy. 

I am so thankful for the blessings of another year of life and health, having my mom and dad this year on my birthday, my loving family including Mr Sweetie, a sister-in-law who is a good cook who is also my sister, and the love of my friends.  And a perfect birthday.

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