San Francisco | Galentine's Day at the SFMOMA

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Valentine's Day is not just of lovers.  I mean, I know that it rains roses, chocolates and buckets of champagne on this very day. If you are flying solo and in-between relationships, it is enough to drive one to the throes of deep depression. (I have been there!) I remember how I dreaded the days leading to February 14th, and felt nauseated on Valentine's Day itself with all the vases of flowers hitting me on the face while on the train as they were being carried by giddy girls or lovestruck men (women). Jealous much? You bet I was!

Fast-forward many, many years later. I have been truly blessed. Really doubly-blessed. First by a beautiful man whom I call Mr Sweetie on this blog. Then blessed some more by my BFF, Heather.  Yes, now I am one of those nauseating women who gets the requisite red roses and dark luscious chocolates on Valentine's. Please do not hate me.

I do enjoy  all the love that I get from my Mr Sweetie on Valentine's Day. But there is more to Valentine's Day than romancing with your lover. It does not matter if you are in a relationship or not. Valentine's Day is open to interpretation. You can own it as your day and call it Self-Love Day. 

As for me and BFF, it is our very own GALENTINE'S DAY. On this day, we celebrate our friendship. We meet up for coffee, chat and exchange little presents -- heart thingys, red and pink thingys, sweet thingys.  We have these BFF dates all throughout the year but one particular date in February is always to celebrate our love as gal BFFs. Two women who are friends for life with all of the responsibilities to our families and community.  Two highly-independent career women who are happy to have good men in our lives but are also strong and beautiful on our own. We are great together with our partners but also know that what completes us are not just our husband/boyfriend but  the relationships that we build with other strong women in our lives who are also our best friends. With all the demands that tear us to pieces, we make time to be with those who understand us, and in this process, we find ourselves.

This Galentine's Day has been one of the best ever! BFF and I met up at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) -- aka our second BFF HQ. (The San Francisco Ferry Building is our original BFF Headquarter.)  

We spent time looking at the  new exhibit and we both agreed that we "do not get" the current installation this time. Some art critics we are! Regardless, we always enjoy learning about the new artists whose works are featured whether we like their work or not.   

We agreed that we do not get this but it is fascinating  in its chaos.

We liked this modern contemporary art, though.

These giants spiders were awesome.

What made it really awesome was that we were able to get a table at the museum eatery that is always packed! We enjoyed our coffee and shared a yummy berry pie. And then exchange presents! (I love getting presents from her!) I gave her a couple of the heart coasters (hint: Instagram), hopia (Filipino bean pastries) and  Scharffen Berger chocolate bar. As always she spoils me and gave a red mug filled with Ghirardelli chocolates, a pink nail polish, pretty card with cute love necklace and yummy dishes!

So, this has been Galentine's Day 2018. If only I had her as my BFF when I was single, then I would have been spared from hating Valentine's Day, then. 

I know that V-Day was so few days ago but here are some suggestions for February 14, 2019:
  • Celebrate it with your best gals and call it Galentine's Day.
  • Declare it as a Self-Love Holiday to celebrate the beautiful and strong woman that you are. Do whatever you want on this day -- buy yourself a cupcake, watch a romcom, down a bottle of pink champagne. No apologies!
  • Instead of receiving presents, make it a Spoil Your Friends/Co-workers Day. I bought a box of pastries to work and decorated the table with kids' Valentine's Day cards that I got from a dollar store. My co-workers also had the same idea. All day long, people brought donuts, brownies, chocolates along with little cute hearts. 
  • Celebrate with your little nephews and nieces, if you have any. I also think that Valentine's Day is as much for kids as for lovers. I sent my little nephews and niece a text "from you secret admirer". I hope they were not creeped out but they knew that it was from their aunt! Ha! Ha!
 Hope everyone had a fun Valentine's/Galentine's Day!

 A friend is someone who knows you and loves you just the same.    - Elbert Hubbard