Roses and Chocolate Strawberries On Valentine's Day

Monday, February 19, 2018

Gotta admit it -- Mr Sweetie did good again. He never disappoints on Valentine's Day. He really is the romantic one in the relationship. He makes sure that there are roses and champagne on Valentine's Day. He also brings the cheese, crackers and cold cuts. The chocolate strawberries were my special requests. Actually, my only requests. I told him to not go all out this Valentine's Day which fell in the middle of the week. It was just hard to celebrate having to go to work early the next day.

When I got home a single rose was on the couch. I was already happy with it. When I went to the dining room, I found 2 dozen roses waiting for me -- a dozen red and a dozen white. Right next to the roses were the chocolate strawberries, champagne, crackers, cheeses, etc.

We did not even eat the cheeses and cold cuts. And as always I hoard the champagne. I still have bottles of champagne from past Valentine's. (I love champagne but I like to keep the ones that he gives me as presents.) I made a chicken salad for dinner. As for my present for him, I never buy him any presents on Valentine's Day. I declare it as the holiday for him to profess his love for me. Ha! Ha!

Well, I did give him a present -- I made him a big mug of banana, pineapple and berry milkshake. I put an extra scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it special.

This was the story of our Valentine's Day. Short and sweet because it really is Valentine's Day for us everyday. (Well, almost everyday!)

I hope that yours was sweet, however you decided to spend the day.

 “There are never enough I Love You’s.” – Lenny Bruce, Comedian

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