Happy First Anniversary, Autumn Bay Girl!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hot cocoa in the snow in March

I am so happy that my blog has reached its first year anniversary. When I first created this blog, I really was not sure how it will shape up to be. I had a Blogger account that has been dormant for probably 5 years. And I had a thriving Tumblr blog that had many followings. The blog was a personal journal which was followed by people who became virtual friends. The community that I found on Tumblr was comforting and provided me with inspirations. At the same time, my blog became more of a chore than a source of solitude. I could not keep up with the demands of communicating with the visitors on my blog. Every heart and note that I received  made me smile. Yet, they left me exhausted. Then finally, the burnout left me pondering if it was time to create a new space.

I visited my old Blogger account and decided to create a new blog. The name took on many revisions. Finally, I settled on Autumn Bay Girl. Why? Because  fall  is my most favorite season and I want to highlight the joys of my daily life in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Autumn Bay Girl is  a space of brightness and smiles. It might seem like my days are a collection of one perfect life. It is not the case. There are so much negativity and sadness in this world already. Everywhere is a picture of injustice, poverty and hurt brought about by ignorance. I reserve my blog to find and celebrate what is good in this life and the simple joys that surround us. They can be found if we look for them. This is also the reason why my phone is full of photos of flowers, fruits at the farmers market, meals shared among loved ones and coffee moments. 

Daffodils in the snow in Philadelphia

I have so many ideas for my blog. I want to post recipes of the food that I cook in my kitchen and continue my Simple Joys as well as Quiet Musings series. I have yet to post my travels to San Antonio, Texas and Mexico in 2017. So much to write about, not a lot of Me Time!

I am happy that I can finally celebrate this milestone. The only reason why I could write and post today (I posted 4 entries today!) is because I took the day off. I really need more quiet breaks like this in my life. I am also proud that my photography skills have greatly improved from when I first started blogging. I now own 3 mirrorless cameras and bought  new lenses. I wish I can speak photography language but as long as my pictures come out good enough, that is what matters to me. My photos are more because of good luck than skills! Capturing moments on camera is one of my hobbies that brings me so much happiness. 

Here is my very first post on this blog a year ago on March 21, 2017:  Simple Joys #1:  Uggs And Wet Stormy Morning

It was raining in the Bay Area on March 21, 2017. On the same day this year -- 2018, I was in Philadelphia, and it was snowing! It is supposed to be spring but it was still winter in Philly, and stormed really hard in San Francisco. I love these types of weather -- cozy like my blog.

Snow in March in Philadelphia
By the way, I really do not know if anyone ever visits my blog, if you do, please say "hello". I would to get to  know you and  the city that you live in through your blog. Thanks for stopping by!

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