February Gratitude Post

Thursday, March 29, 2018

February -- The Love Month. In my family, it is also a month of birthdays. There are 3 February babies in my family. There were many celebrations and  lots of eating involved. The most precious moments for me, though, were the Sunday afternoons with my parents after church over lunch, shopping and running errands.



  • Ice Cream Sunday - This afternoon is something that will always stay with me. After church I took my parents to eat at Aniki's Sushi in Fremont, CA. When I was a kid and we first came to the US, Fremont was where we first lived. It was driving down memory lane for us. After a Japanese lunch, my mom wanted to shop at Ross, then thrift store shopping at Goodwill. Before dropping them back off at my brother's family house where they are staying, my dad said that he wanted ice cream. I ordered ice cream for all of us. We all sat down at enjoyed our ice cream cones at Baskin Robbins. This is something that I have not done with my parents for a very long time.  This is one beautiful Sunday afternoon with my mom and dad that I will always remember. (2.4.18)
  • Pupusas Sunday - I call this "Pupusas Sunday" because this was the very first time my parents had tried this El Salvadorean dish. After church, my parents wanted to check out Cardena's which is a big Mexican grocery store that also has an eatery inside. I made them try Pupusas which is like a sealed quesadilla. They liked it. We went shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross next door afterwards. Our day concluded at another Japanese Restaurant in San Jose -- Cha Cha Sushi.  I was so happy to find 85 Degree Bakery right next door to Cha Cha. We all went after late lunch/early dinner and we went crazy getting pastries from the self-serve cabinets. It was another beautiful Sunday with my parents. I love hanging out with them and spoiling them as they have spoiled me when I was a kid, and even to this day. (2.11.18)

  • 2 Dozen Roses from Mr Sweetie -- And chocolate strawberries and champagne. As always he brings me flowers and spoils me. I wrote about our  Valentine's Day here
  • Galentine's Day with BFF -- We celebrated Galentine's Day over coffee and delicious berry pie after checking out the new exhibit at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. As always, she spoiled me with chocolates in a red mug, lunches from Eat 24 and a pretty card with necklace. Read about our sweet celebration of friendship at SFMOMA here.
  • Chinese New Year/Valentine at Work -- It was non-stop celebration at work.  I brought a box of pastries from Anderson's Bakeshop, then co-workers brought donuts and brownies. Another department invited me to their Chinese New Year/Valentine party. Then a good friend at work gave me all kinds of food! She gave me sesame spinach and bacon-wrapped melon that she made/cooked herself along with chocolates!


We celebrated 3 birthdays this month -- my brother's, my niece's and mine. We celebrated my niece's 12th birthday at Rockin' Jumpin where my niece and nephews got to rock climb and jumped on trampolines. Even my 18 month old baby nephew knew what to do!


  • Birthday Party with my Family -- My family threw a birthday party for me after church on Sunday at my brother and sister-in-law's house. My sister-in-law cooked my favorite Filipino dishes. Since my brother and niece celebrate their birthdays in February as well, we all blew the birthday candles together. I feel so loved and really could not ask for anything more as I was surrounded by my family including my mom and dad which made it a special birthday this year. 


Thursday Date Night at Brenda's French Soul Food in San Francisco. This was my shrimp po-boy and fries. Delicious!

  • Japanese Food - As if I have not eaten enough Japanese food, Mr Sweetie and I ate again at Aniki's  (LOL!) after attending my niece's birthday party. 
  • Emergency Room and Pizza - I got rear-ended on Friday evening on my birthday weekend. I am fine but since I was drugged out on valium that was given to me in the emergency room, Mr Sweetie and I stayed in and had pizza for Saturday instead. 
  • Brenda's French Soul Food - A very rare occasion where Mr Sweetie came to my work place. We had an early dinner at Brenda's. He had Brenda's famous fried chicken while I had a shrimp po-boy (and chocolate beignets to go!) The reason for this occasion was we registered a DP (domestic partners). Nothing romantic. It was really so I can put him on my insurance. Actually, it was a lovely afternoon at City Hall and over dinner. 


  • Got re-certified on CPR
  • Registered as Domestic Partners -- See date night at Brenda's
  • A great man retires  -- And will be greatly missed

My heart is overflowing with gratitude and joy this month. It was truly the Love month for so many beautiful reasons --  Valentine's Day, Galentine's Day with BFF, my birthday celebration along with my brother and niece's birthdays, and being able to spend every Sunday with my mom and dad over lunch and taking them shopping. Thank you, Lord, for all these priceless blessings. 


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