Weekend Joys # 4

Sunday, June 10, 2018



Free lemons and hospital visits. Mr Sweetie had his surgery on Friday. He was in ICU from Friday to Saturday. I spent all of Saturday with him in ICU where he was recuperating.  Friends and family were visiting from morning until evening. I was able to sleep at home that night which gave me some quiet alone time where I was able to read a little before I passed out from exhaustion!

I hated to eat hospital sandwich but the cafeteria was already closed! The view from the room was a million dollar one though. (Maybe 100 million dollars since we are in the BayArea! LOL!)


A room with a view. We were overjoyed when Mr Sweetie was transferred to a regular room. It was truly a big relief and a blessing to have a room to himself, and a spacious room with panoramic view of the Bay Area. Being in a hospital is already so stressful whether as a patient or loved one who provides care. It was so important to be comfortable. He had guests all day long which probably what got him feverish at night because he was so excited to have so many people visiting him. I had to sleep in the hospital with him. His fever finally broke in the morning. 



CARNATIONS. Flowers from my sweet team mates.


Me Time. I was so happy that I was able to sneak in going to the salon to get my waxing done despite my crazy schedule. This was my last day at work.

My delicious hospital cafeteria Cheese Quesadilla


Quesadilla and going home. Mr Sweetie was finally discharged late afternoon on Wednesday. It was followed with bringing Mr Sweetie home, getting him comfortable and picking up his meds from the pharmacy. This was my quesadilla while waiting for the discharge from the doctor. By today, he had been in the hospital for one week and one day.


CHICKEN SOUP.  Mr Sweetie's first day back at home. His dad visited us at our house with home made chicken soup from Mr Sweetie's mom. It was so appreciated as I enjoyed it as much as our patient. 


A little break. Mr Sweetie's friends were visiting which gave me a chance to take off to give them bro-time. Ha! Ha! I had a chance to go for a stroll on Piedmont Avenue, art and boutique browsing and have a nice Thai lunch. I am happy that I was able to cross this off my "Me Time" Mason Jar List.

I have nothing but gratitude to the Lord for bringing Mr Sweetie back home to me. I am grateful for his renewed health. Despite the trials, the Lord made sure that we were surrounded by love and support by his family and our friends. All throughout these last week and half, my friends and family were ever present through texts and phonecalls to let me know that we are  loved and never alone. 

June 2-8, 2018