Real Talk: What We Eat And Our Health

Saturday, June 9, 2018

I found this photo of our dinner at Lazy  Dog in December 2016.

When I first discovered blogging, it was not a surprise that I started a food blog. Mr Sweetie and I were hardcore foodies. We chased the newest food craze, celebrity chefs and must-try restaurants.  I enjoyed writing about what we ate during date nights and posting pictures of almost every dish that touched my lips. I even got an invite from a restaurant in San Francisco  to do a review. My blog was so quiet, though, that I missed the social aspect of it. 

Then I discovered Yelp. I was an Elite for years. Sadly, their policy of having to post a personal photo left a bad taste in my mouth. I was really writing for the food and not interested in free cheap events, or popularity. It felt like high school all over again. I could no longer stand the pretentiousness years later. 

Luckily, I discovered Tumblr. Tumblr was the platform that opened up the wonderful world of   blogging for me not just about food but different aspects of my life.  I was able to write about a beautiful day spent with BFF, the little flower that brought me joy, the sumptuous home cooked Filipino meals shared with my family on Sundays....To this day, I still miss my Tumblr friends who served as inspirations to me with their poetry, photography, cooking, art work, etc.  They have transported me to the beautiful cities and countries they live in. Just like many bloggers who will experience at some point in  their virtual life, I experienced burnout. I would still say that it was a successful run. I had about a thousand followers. Not ten thousand but I have enjoyed interacting with many of them on a daily basis, until I had to say goodbye.

In the spring of 2017, I made two changes -- to officially surrender our "foodie status" and to create a new blog on Blogger. I craved quiet and solitude. I just wanted to write and reflect. Visitors are always so welcome most especially now that I do not get any. I created Autumn Bay Girl. I also noticed that it has become many things not just a food blog. I am happy with this as I am -- and my life -- are many things. This blog captures me up to a great extent.

Being less of a foodie has really started even earlier than 2017. As  I mentioned before, the scene became tiring. As exciting as it was for many years, I became wary of what we put in our bodies. We ate what food critics and other bloggers told us to eat. The craze in the Bay Area is sustained by the abundance of restaurants and new trends that pop up like mushrooms. There are definitely tens of thousands of restaurants in the entire Bay Area. We have access  to  the most delicious cuisines in the world. Hence, the San Francisco Bay Area is considered one of the foodie capitals in the world. 

About two years ago, we tuned them all out and we toned down our date nights. We still go out every Saturday. Saturdays are sacred in our relationship. This is the only day that the BF and I can get together after 5 work days of working like maniacs which left us no energy to even talk. Date nights nowadays are whatever we feel like an hour or even as we are walking out of the door to eat. It could be a taqueria, sushi, burger or Korean food. Nothing to write a high falutin Yelp review about (if I had a Yelp account).

Last Tuesday, all of these came to a head. I mean, the years of bad eating, stress and as hard to accept -- genetics. My Mr Sweetie (the BF) had to go to the hospital. Thank God that he is fine. Things have to change, though, like major changes. Our eating habits and lifestyle have to change. I think it is fair to say that I am a healthy eater. My Instagram might say that I am lying but those are really just once in a blue moon eats. I probably eat burgers twice a year. I do not touch bacon unless they are bits on donuts which I eat a donut about once every 4 months, maybe. I would have been a vegetarian again if not cooking for him. 

On the other hand, he works out 4-5 times a week with a personal trainer. But he eats badly. He grabs what he can during the day because of his work schedule although it is healthy dinner at home. I, on the other hand, do not work out. I walk. I really need to walk more.

Mr Sweetie's health scare is definitely an eye-opener for both of us, and even our friends. I am glad that he has been given a clean slate health-wise. With all of these, my blog and social media will also get a makeover. I hope they do because it would mean that we are moving towards being healthier. There will probably less of restaurant food reviews on my blog but more photos of what I cook at home. (Which by the way, I am a pretty good cook, according to our friends and Mr Sweetie.) This blog should show us making healthy choices of leaner meats and veggies, and less fried stuff.

Looking at a thousand or more of food photos over the years on my phone and looking back to our date nights of many years, I have no regrets. I remember fondly the steaks, prime ribs, lobster mac and cheeses, cakes oozing with dark chocolates prepared by chefs we have seen on the Food Channel. I remember beautiful evenings of fine dining with him in San Francisco, Bay Area cities and other countries we have visited. 

The most important thing is that we have more time to make more delicious but healthier memories. 

June 9, 2018

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