Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Last Saturday was our first date night after Mr Sweetie's discharge from the hospital. He was still wobbly but he was able to walk a block to the RnR Sushi & Bowls. He had sashimi while I had teriyaki tofu over rice. Sunday afternoon was spent grocery shopping by myself which I actually enjoy. 

June 9-10, 2018


Instead of breaking it down by day, I will break this post down by joy. It has  been a week of juggling between work and medical appointments for Mr Sweetie. The mornings were unhurried and they gave me quiet moments. Being on flex time at work in order to care for Mr Sweetie, I get to work when I can which enable me to enjoy my coffee at home in the mornings. Not having to rush is one of the biggest joys  despite the disruptions in our normal everyday schedule. 

The biggest challenge for me is having the consistencies in my life being challenged, and having to adapt to new changes. There are days when I felt tired physically although not emotionally, I am thankful that he is a good patient and easy to care for.

My mornings this week were mostly waiting for him to wake up, making his breakfast and giving his meds.  Then I get ready to go to work. At around noon, I arrive at work.

He had a doctor's appointment of Wednesday which I took off from work and a late afternoon one at 4:40 pm on Thursday but I was able to work for 3 hours that day.

Despite all of these, there were plenty of joy that went around this week.


The almond torte was my Monday joy. I got a slice from my favorite bakeshop. I enjoyed it with coffee when I got to my office.


On Wednesday after Mr Sweetie's doctor's appointment, we spent the rest of the afternoon watching movies on Netflix. We saw  Nine Lives, Paddington Bear (which I love for its coziness) and Beautiful Creatures (will have to finish it next time.) These moments of hanging out with Mr Sweetie were so nice while he is healing.


These strawberries from the farmers' market were so sweet! These were served during a party at work. 


My co-worker insisted to share his burger with me from Little Griddle in SF. He wanted to give me half of his lunch but I settled for a quarter.  The burger was juicy and so tasty with the fries. Even with just  quarter of a burger, it was a big piece which was the size of a slider. And best of all, upon biting into my burger, I cannot help but really be grateful for having awesome co-workers who are also work friends!



Mr Sweetie's mom cooked us matching plates of salmon, rice and veggies. She sent his dad to deliver the dinner to us on Friday which was much, much appreciated given that I cook 3 meals a day for Mr Sweetie! I am not complaining but it is nice to be fed once in a while instead of being the chef in my own kitchen!

When I got home from work on Friday, this Farmgirl box was waiting for me. It turns out that it was a care package from BFF! I will do the reveal on a separate post as it so deserves a special post on its own. I am so blessed to have Heather as my BFF. The box contained the sweetest stuff and thoughts from the sweetest person who sent it. Thank you, Heather! xoxo

And I am very grateful for all the love from friends and family that come unexpectedly and brought us so much comfort and joy. 

June 11 - 15, 2018