May Gratitude Post 2018

Saturday, July 7, 2018

As always, I am late in posting my gratitude post. I am writing about the happenings of May  in July.  I actually find it enjoyable as I get to re-visit the happy moments of the previous month. Reminiscing brings me back to those beautiful memories shared with my family and friends. 

As it has been said about "hindsight",  writing about May  over a month later gives me a better appreciation for what I already have. I might always be thankful for the times that I spend with my family, not being able to spend much time with them in June really made me realize how blessed I am. (That is for the June post, though!)

Here are the highlights of May:


Mother's Day

We celebrated my mom and sister-in-law during Mother's Day. My sister could not join us  because she had to work on that day. Mr Sweetie and I took my parents and nephew, Matthew, to lunch at Okayama Japanese Restaurant where we had sushi, udon for my mom and tempura for my dad. We went back to my brother's family's house where my mom opened our presents for her. She was happy to get a big Lancome moisturizer  gift set from me.


Double celebrations for Caitlin and Nick. We were invited to Caitlin's beautiful house where we had deep dish pizza from Zachary's Chicago Pizza, cake and wine. It was a cold day but a cozy and lovely day with friends.

Cinco De Mayo

Cinco De Mayo is the only time when Mr Sweetie and I make drinks at home. Every year, he makes margaritas to celebrate this holiday. He made us margaritas after we got home from celebrating Nick and Caitlin's birthday. Salud!

Memorial Day Weekend

May 28 - Read about our delicious home cooked Memorial Day meal on this post.


Always short but sweet, BFF and I met up at SFMOMA where we enjoyed the exhibit and exchanged treats. She gave me a bunch of delicious, little snacks while I got her donuts from Donut Savant which she really liked!


Date Night at BJ's Brewery 

May 12,  Concord, CA - Mr Sweetie and I found ourselves in the burbs shopping for presents for Mother's Day. We went to BJ's for date night. We hardly order dessert. He had Prime Rib while I had a BBQ Chicken Salad. The pizookie came with the prime rib which was Mr Sweetie's order. We both enjoyed devouring the brownie topped with ice cream. 

Taco Salad

May 19, (Emeryville, CA) - Mexican takeout dinner from Los Cantaros Taqueria in Emeryville. I had a taco salad.

Graduation Party

May 26, (Tracy, CA) -- Mr Sweetie's nephews' graduation party at their house in Tracy. It was a beautiful drive with blue skies in front of us. We had delicious nachos and tacos at the party.



May 20 -- I am grateful that our church always provides us with snacks and coffee after the service. It gives us time for fellowship with friends and hangout with family while snacking on delicious treats.  Mr Sweetie went to church with us on this Mother's Day.  There was a nachos bar this Sunday while it was hotdogs on the next Sunday. Then we had lunch at Okayama Sushi (above).

Sunday Lunch at Soup Plantation

May 27, (Fremont, CA) -- I am running out of places to take my parents to after church on Sundays. They eat healthy so we are limited and always end up at a sushi restaurant. I thought to mix it up a little and took them to Soup Plantation. It is a fun place for casual dining where you can be good (soup and salad) or bad (soup, salad, pasta, pizza, brownies and sundae!) My parents enjoyed it and so did my 14 year old nephew, Matthew.

Hot Pot Family Sunday Lunch

May 20 -- A lovely summer Sunday lunch at my brother and sis-in-law's backyard. The entire family was present including Mr Sweetie. We did a hot pot lunch where we had korean bbq ribs, steak,  prawns, mussels, salmon, roasted chicken, noodles, fishballs, squid, etc. We all cooked together, ate together  and it was food coma all around! My mom and dad were happy. My mom was so thrilled that she Facebooked the photos right away to my aunt in the Philippines. 

Brunch at Denny's

May 22 -- I took the day off to take my parents to get my dad's medical records from the hospital. After our errands we picked up my nephew, Gabriel and went to lunch at Denny's. I am very thankful for every moment I spend with my mom, dad and nephew.


Lunch at Marriott

I was invited to a delicious business lunch at The Marriott in San Francisco. I enjoyed the salmon salad. A couple of fancy desserts were provided with coffee but I gave mine away. I loved savory stuff more. 

Dumpling Food Truck

I wrote about this San Francisco Food Truck here where I was able to satisfy my cravings for dumplings during a work day.


Baked goods, Cozy Reads, and Solo Moments

Solo evening by myself while Mr Sweetie was on a overnight business trip. I devoured a cozy mystery while cozying up with my cat, drank a nice Chardonnay, cooked pasta, ate the pastries that I got from Frena, a bakery from San Francisco that I just discovered. I wrote about this day on my Weekday Joys post #1

A Beautiful Morning at the Berkeley Marina

Check out my Postcards from Berkeley post here.


I always include a Filipino dish that my mom cooks and packs for me. I go home with packed lunches from my mom each Sunday where I have lunch for the entire week. This month's Filipino dish is fish sinigang (fish soup in tamarind broth). As always, mom's cooking is the best and I enjoy every opportunity I can to eat the food that she cooks for the family.


May brought challenges to the family. Both Mr Sweetie and my dad had to go to the hospital this month. 

Dad's Hospital Stay

May 6 -- My dad was in the hospital for severe anemia. My brother stayed with him one night then my mom on the second night. On Sunday, I stayed with my dad all day while my family attended our church's anniversary. My mom and sis-in-law packed me pansit (Filipino noodles) and bread for lunch which was so much better than hospital food! We are so thankful that my dad has been pronounced in good health and was discharged back home after 3 days. 

An Evening In The Emergency Room

On May 30th, Tuesday, I took Mr Sweetie to the emergency room.  This has been the beginning of our month-long journey dealing with his health and relying on God's grace, and the love of family and friends. (This was his first hospital meal after he got admitted.)

May has been full of celebrations and many priceless moments with the family. I enjoyed my brunch date with my mom, dad and nephew, Gabriel at Denny's. Our Sunday lunch at Soup Plantation with my parents and other nephew, Matthew were also memorable. My favorite, though, was the hot pot family lunch that we had my brother's backyard. It was such a lovely welcome to  summer.  I treasure my "me time" moment this month. As much as I love being with Mr Sweetie, being able to steal some moments for myself where I can read, and rest are so rare, and therefore, very much  appreciated. BFF moments are always special and such a balm for the soul.

As I have mentioned, the end of May was the beginning of challenges marked by a trip to the emergency room. I am glad that the storm has passed as I am writing this. As always, God is faithful and good. He sustained us with his blessings.

Thank you, May, for the blessings of spring and flowers. Hello, June!