Love Delivered From Farm Girl

Saturday, July 14, 2018

June 15, 2018, Friday -  First and foremost, this is not a sponsored post.  I remembered the day as one where I was very tired physically and feeling frazzled. In the last two and half weeks, I was juggling work and taking care of Mr Sweetie during his recovery.  Despite having very supportive supervisors who told me to take as much family time as I need,  I was still going to work for few hours a day to take care of responsibilities and honestly, to maintain a sense of normalcy in our suddenly chaotic lives. 

It started to take a toll on my spirits despite the fact that Mr Sweetie is such a good patient and recovering really well. On Friday night after work, Mr Sweetie said that I had a package. I had no idea who it was from. It was big box from Farm Girl. I excitedly opened it right away. It was from an angel -- my BFF, Heather. 

It is a care package. Inside the box were pretty and delicious things including a luscious potted succulent for Mr Sweetie. 

Another box contained lovely things that made my heart lighter  --  an Apotheke candle, Vanilla Speculous cookies, peach bellini candies, facial mask and body polish.

I am so touched by BFF's thoughtful and very timely presents. My spirits were a little down but receiving these pretty things were a balm for the soul. Mr Sweetie also really appreciated her kindness. Receiving the gift was really touching but knowing that she thought of us and her efforts to cheer us up were what really made us happy.

As I always say, we are  BFF's because our hearts understand each other that words are sometimes not necessary. 

Thank you, BFF! Love you always! xoxo

About Farm Girl -- Even though this is not a sponsored post, I was very impressed by the quality of the items. The items were of excellent variety and great brands.  The items were packaged neatly and very well-organized. The box came with a dainty card with personal note from BFF and a pretty flower pin. It is evident that the items were lovingly placed in the box and hand-selected with pride.

If I ever need to send a care package to a friend or loved one, I will order from Farm Girl. Their flowers are ethically-grown, they partner with American farms and the staff get medical benefits. It is also San Francisco based but delivers to 48 US states. Good things all around!

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