Berkeley | Casual Date Night At The Fat Fish

Monday, September 17, 2018

It is about time for another date night post. Mr Sweetie and I are still good in the Saturdate department. No matter how tired we are, we make it a priority to get out of the house every Saturday to grab something to eat and have fun in the process. 

Life has been so busy as always which means so many things to blog about but so little time. Which also means that I am doing lots of real living in the moment. I can manage this one post, though. This is hot off the press as this was our most recent date night. (I am posting it today, Monday night after watching Monday night football, Seattle vs Chicago in our living room with Mr Sweetie. Chicago won 17-24.)

So this is how our Saturday date night goes.  After a day of brunching at home in our pj's, watching our shows, Mr Sweetie napping on the couch, we decide that it is time to go out to dinner at around 4 pm.  I ask Mr Sweetie what he wants which he will often respond with "whatever you want." I pull out my phone, go on Yelp, and I tell him to get ready so we can go. This is how we end up at random restaurants, mostly casual dining. 

Except for last Saturday, Mr Sweetie said that he was craving fish and chips. So I found The Fat Fish that is located in Berkeley. (Berkeley is home to University of California in Berkeley.) The Fat Fish is less than 10 minutes from where we live as well. 

We walked in to find a very cute eatery decorated in nautical theme. We decided to take our order to go since it was a cold day and the place was cold as well. This place is very casual. You place your order at the counter, pay and they will call your number. 

These were what we ordered:
  • Jalapeno poppers
  • 4 pieces snapper with fries for Mr Sweetie
  • 4 pieces oysters and 2 pieces snapper with potato salad for me


The reason why I am starting with this post is because we most probably will not go back to The Fat Fish. The snapper was pretty fishy. It was also not battered fish and chips as we hope they were but Southern-style with corn meal batter. It would have been okay if the fish was good. 

In fairness, it was not greasy and my oysters were good. Mr Sweetie and I just could not eat the snapper. He ended up devouring the fries, my potato salad and jalapeno popper because he was so disappointed with the fish. The fish ended up in the compost bin. (And me being a Filipina and island girl who was loves her fish, if I did not like it, it must be bad!) 

Overall, we said that it was still a good date night because the idea is for us to try places that we have not been to before. We spent the rest of the evening watching a pretty okay "B" movie on Netflix -- The Debt Collector, and continuing to just chill. 

I will post more of our date night adventures. We had yummy ones, I promise!

YUM FACTOR:         ★ ★  
WALLET FRIENDLY:    $ ($10 - $14)
PORTIONS:           Average 

CHECK: $38 with tax and before tip 


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