Weekly Joys # 14

Saturday, September 15, 2018

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It is always my secret fantasy to host fabulous parties like an entertainment network diva. The perfectionist in me just cannot handle the stress. I overcame the anxiety because I really wanted to  give one of my team mates an intimate but sweet baby shower at work. I hit up Daiso Japan for cute tablecloth and was able to unearth a cute plastic tier cupcake stand that I bought from Daiso a couple of years ago. (I am so glad that I did not get rid of these as I am into donating frenzy these days!)  The menu includes Tagliatelle with Portobello Mushroom Sauce, proscuitto and cold cuts, crackers, Chinese Chicken Salad and mochi ice cream for dessert. Although I did not make any of these (hint: Costco), it was food coma for everyone. The parents-to-be were really happy and felt touched by the gesture. Needless to say, a success and so worth stressing over! (And the fact that I hardly was able to take pictures of the food says a lot about how stressed I was!)

Lunch treat by my friend Karen who is also a mentor. We discovered this new cute taco place in San Francisco called Street Taco. It was a nice hour of catching up and talking about travel stories. Lunch hour with her is always very nice.  And our twinning fish and shrimp tacos were tasty! It will be my turn to treat her next. We are looking at Ethiopian food for our next lunch date in October. 

Mid-Week Lunch Time Escape
It was more like an early dinner at 4 pm. I bought pasta at CVS. (CVS is a pharmacy/convenience store.) And I will never do it again. I took it to the San Francisco Shopping Center and ate it there. The ambiance was great but the pasta was horrible. Of course, what did I expect getting "fresh" food from CVS?! It was still nice to escape for an hour. 

It was the Labor Day Weekend. Unfortunately, my back pain was really bad that I had to stay in bed all day. Mr Sweetie and I just drove to La Katrina food truck and grabbed tacos and quesadillas. We went back home and ate our food while watching Orient Express. It was a nice, chill Saturday. 

I was the only one who was at church this Sunday. My sister had to work while my brother's family went camping. I went shopping after church and picked up new Esprit booties and shirt for my trip to Chicago the following Wednesday. 

I am grateful for lovely moments of friendship, delicious food shared among friends, living in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, chill moments with Mr Sweetie and fun shopping finds. 

August 27 - Sept 2, 2018

Channeling my inner Martha Stewart

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