Delicious Sleep In Rochester, New York

Friday, November 23, 2018

I arrived in Rochester, New York at almost midnight after a 9 hour flight from San Francisco with 2 hours of layover in North Carolina. I was exhausted from the flight. I was so relieved, though, to see my room on the 24th floor of Hyatt Regency Rochester. The host organization who sponsored me to visit their city provided me with a suite.  I had the most awesome, unforgettable views from two sections of my hotel! When I walked in I found a platter of fruits and a bottle of water with a welcome note from the management. So nice and so appreciated as I was famished from the flight! I think  this was courtesy of the organization who hosted me.

The room itself was huge! The king-sized bed was so comfy which is one of the reasons why I "lived" in my hotel room all throughout my stay.  
There was a big screen TV which was perfect for a couple of nights of Gilmore Girls watching. (Netflix had its own button on the remote control!) 
There was a coffee maker with good coffees, actually, both regular and decaf. I was making cups and cups of coffees and teas for breakfast and before I went to bed. 

Bathroom was spacious with that rain shower head that is my favorite. Lots of fluffy towels. 
The views from my suite were unforgettable!

I stayed at another Hyatt Regency when I was in San Antonio, Texas. I forgot that you can order stuff to keep. I am glad that my friend reminded me. Although I already pre-ordered a thick robe since I had the air conditioner turned up to the max, I got to order slippers, deodorant, mouthwash, etc. (These I could keep but not the robe.)

My most favorite part of my stay was the nook with a breathtaking view of the Rochester architecture and trees for as far as my eyes could see. Here in this corner, I read a cozy mystery, drank my teas at night and coffee in the morning, or just stared at the views outside. 

I had the most delicious stay at the Hyatt Regency. I have to remember to book my stays with this hotel brand next time on my next trips.  The hotel is lovely with its corporate-style interior decor. Every staff has been so friendly and accommodating.

There are Starbucks and Morton's Steakhouse in the premises. I ordered in-room service one night when it was too cold to go out to dinner from the in-house restaurant Street Craft Restaurant and Bar. 
Overall, what a treat to be able stay here. The host organization made me feel like a queen and they succeeded. This has been a great home away from home to celebrate the coziness of autumn.

(This post is not endorsed or sponsored by Hyatt Regency. The blog post is personal and all mine. I have not received any compensation for writing this.) 

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