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Saturday, November 24, 2018

It was slim-pickings for me in terms of food choices when I was in Rochester, New York. Rochester is unlike San Francisco when it comes of dining choices. In fairness, though, to Rochester, I was on foot and had no access to a car where I could have explored more nearby restaurants and cities. 

I got a chance to eat out at a few eateries while in this city in Upstate New York. These places were all random finds:


Bar Bantam was my favorite place to eat in Downtown Rochester.  In fact, this place saved my tummy by providing me with foods that were fresh, tasty and comforting. I was not sure if it was the stress of 9 hour flight and upcoming presentation, I was sick while I was there. It felt like a bug and I actually threw up. I was so happy to find a place that served  Millenial Mortgage $6 aka avocado toast, Potato Rosti $3 which was a a crispy tomato triangle and fried egg on the side. My stomach was so grateful! I went back with friends afterwards and had a Later Gator $7 which was an egg, bacon and cheddar breakfast sandwich and Matcha Latte.  Bar Bantam is chic and classy located inside The Metropolitan. I almost walked by this place. I am glad that I decided to go in and found this great eatery with really reasonable prices as well. (I just cannot  get over how prices in other cities could be so much cheaper than San Francisco's!)


I have been told to put Dinosaur Bar-B-Que on my Rochester Eats Bucket List. I am not a big carnivore at all and I almost skipped going. Luckily, our host took out us here for our welcome dinner and it was a good choice. I had a combination of bbq shrimps and ribs with all the fixins with a glass of bubbly. It would have been delicious if my stomach was not in a knots about work. I enjoyed everything, though, from the wonderful company, the bbq's location by the river and good food. 


I found DiPasa while I was trying to take pictures of fall foliage and collect leaves. I felt like I was in fall wonderland when it started raining. Dismissing this as a chain, I did not have much expectations except to take shelter from the rain and grab a simple lunch.  I am glad that I found this place. This was a family-owned Italian eatery with the best meatball sandwich that I ever had. The meatballs were airy and fluffy. Across the street was a lovely church yard that looked like in a fairy tale with its beautiful colors of autumn. I even took a cream puff to go and it was great with tea!


Street Craft Kitchen and Bar is a restaurant at Hyatt Regency where I was staying. I ordered in-room service one evening when it was too cold to go out. The portions were big and the plate looked good but the dishes themselves were "meh". I ordered soba noodles wanting something light. What i got was a plate swimming in rich sweet sauce. The Street Tacos were nachos! Blech! 

On a more positive note, except for this hotel restaurant, I enjoyed everything else that I had eaten in Rochester. 

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