Christmas Week Joys

Monday, December 24, 2018

This Christmas holiday is definitely packed with activities. I have learned to appreciate the busyness of the season because it also means creating memories that will be cherished for the years to come.

While I am trying to pack the house (it feels like it!) because we are staying at our other house from Christmas Eve until the day after Christmas, I hope to be able to post these fun events that happened during this Christmas week before the day gets non-stop crazy:

 1. Church Christmas Musical

I am really trying to enjoy my nephews and niece in their tweens for as long as I can.  They are growing up too fast. In fact, the Christmas musical was a short one this year because most of the kids who perform every year have already grown up into tweens and teenagers. My nephews and niece sang, they are now 15 and 12. They might no longer perform with the kids in the years to come.

The musical was followed by a really lovely and generous spread where everyone wished each other "Merry Christmas" and where kids got a present each. My 2 year old baby nephew was over the moon that he got a toy. I got to hangout with my entire family although I really miss  our parents who are in the Philippines. It is hard to believe that since joining our church 4 years ago, they have become my church family where I worship are see my siblings, sisters, nephews and niece every Sunday. My heart is very happy that we got to see each other before Christmas. We are planning a post-Christmas get together as we are spending Christmas Day with our in-laws. 

2. Girls' Christmas Dinner

This year all four of us met at Destino, a really cozy and festive Latin restaurant in San Francisco. We had a great time catching up, imbibing and eating really delicious tapas. Then we exchanged pretty presents. I love these girls and although I hardly see them throughout the year (except for BFF), I am so blessed to have them in my life and to be able to celebrate the holidays with them year after year since about a decade ago. I hope to do a restaurant review of Destino once the holidays are over.


3. Food Coma At Work

It is so festive and  non-stop eating at work. We had a pizza party followed by Chinese food party. Cookies and pastries keep on arriving that we do not know where to put them.  At some point, I made a conscious decision to stop putting everything that come my way in my mouth. Ha! Ha! I did pretty good and decided to enjoy the warmth of the company of work friends instead of eating all the time!

Arts & Crafts Tip:  Save your pretty calendars and use them as Christmas wrapping paper just like with what I did for my girls' presents this year. Aren't they pretty? And good for the environment!

4. Hot Noodle Soup Lunch Date

I am happy that I finally got to catch up with my friend, KS. With her busy schedule being newly-retired and traveling, I am so glad that we were finally able to go out. She gave me a delicious pear coffee cake from Jane The Bakery and we enjoyed our bowl of udon soup at Kagaya-Wa in San Francisco by the Twitter Building. Short and sweet and we promised that we will continue to have these lunch dates even though we no longer work together.

These are it for now. There are more lovely memories and blessings this week alone and holiday season than I have time to write about.

Happy Christmas Eve!


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