Me Time of Holiday Solitude

Thursday, December 27, 2018

There is one thing that I really wish for myself every holiday season. It is a simple wish and that is to have an entire day to myself where I can rest and find solace at home. It is my day where I can eat and drink what I wish, live in my pj's and fluffy robe all day; enjoy the tree, twinkling lights, cinnamon-scented candles and festive decorations.  And an entire day parking myself on the couch to watch all the  Christmas movies my heart desires. Just like this cozy December day last year.

My career is very  demanding. Even without having any children, nothing is left in the day for myself. (Believe me, I have been very good at carving perfect moments each day but it is always a challenge to find that perfect day of rest.) What I wish though is an entire day. And each Christmas season, I try to schedule this "me time". And the Lord does know when I need a break because I get it right at the most perfect moment when my spirit needs it the most.

I usually plan a day to take off. I got one unplanned day on a Sunday this December when I could not go to church because of an upset stomach. I stayed home and as disappointed as I was because I really like going to church every Sunday to worship, it turned out to be a cozy rainy day of baking. Here is a snippet of that day:

And today, with an upset tummy that made me stay home on a Sunday instead of going to church, while it is raining outside, in the middle of watching "The Princess Switch" and Holiday Calendar on Netflix with the Christmas tree and fairy lights all on, I decided to bake again. This was indeed a picture of a very cozy Sunday.
I really wished for one quiet day but everything snowballed into a fun blur of holiday busyness -- events at work, holiday dinner with my girls, preparing to host Christmas, Christmas parties, etc.

Then yesterday, my wish was granted once again. It was the day after Christmas. Mr Sweetie and I hosted a big party at our house in the suburbs on Christmas Day. It was fun, a big success and exhausting. I thought that we will spend the next day sleeping in, lounging in our pj's and enjoying a nice waffle breakfast. 

It was all wishful thinking as Mr Sweetie had to finish a project. The day after Christmas, we were up at 3:30 am to go back to our city house! He just dropped me off at 4:30 am then had to leave for work. I fell asleep at 5:30 am after putting everything away that we brought back from the other house. It was a delicious sleep as I was tired as a horse. At 10:20 am, my sister called me. She woke me up. I was a little annoyed but I was glad because otherwise, I would have probably slept in until noon which I have not done since my party days in my 20's!

I got my holiday "me time" for the second time this season. After chatting with my sister about our Christmases with our families, I made coffee. It was like Christmas (well, it was!) knowing that I have tons of leftovers and goodies at the house that I could nosh on all day!

Then the Christmas movie binge begins! While breakfasting on leftover Country Apple Fritter Bread that I baked for our Christmas party and leftover stuffed eggs that our friend brought, it was pure bliss watching my movies while in my pj's, on the couch, with my soft cat being my company,  with the fairy lights and Christmas tree on -- just exactly as I wished. First I watched, Dear Santa followed by Christmas In The Smokies. By this time, I moved on to eating a couple of bowls of leftover posole for a late lunch.

Just like The Lord's perfect timing, as soon as I finished the movies, Mr Sweetie came home at 5:00 pm. I  took a shower and changed into a new set of pj's. It was also his birthday but the poor thing was beyond tired. I gave him a bowl of the posole, cut him a slice of apple pie, stuck a candle in the middle and sang him "Happy Birthday" and gave him his present as well.

We were in bed by 7:30 pm which I spent reading and discovering new blogs until 10:00 pm while he was sleeping soundly right next to me. 

It was a magical day of holiday solitude and I thank the Lord for the gift of this day. It was the coziest day and I was truly happy.  

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