Cozy Winter and Hot Chocolate At Bittersweet

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Christmas is for reminiscing. I found this 2013 entry in my drafts folder and decided to post this. Reading about this night brought me so much joy as I was transported to our date night on that one  very cold Saturday evening in December 2013. This shop is now called The Chocolate Dragon Bittersweet Cafe and Bakery. (By the way, to this day, 5 years later, we still have not used the chocolate fountain that I mentioned here! Ha! Ha!)

I would always  remember this particular evening as one of the coziest winter nights  that Mr Sweeite and I have ever shared so far. This evening was what life's simple pleasures are all about -- feeling warm with the one you love and drinking a well-made cup of sweet hot chocolate at a rustic chocolate cafe on a cold winter evening.

After dinner at Homespun in Rockridge, Mr Sweetie suggested that we try to look for melting chocolate for our new chocolate fountain. My gadget-crazed guy purchased one on a whim.  I suggested that we check out Bittersweet, a chocolate cafe. It was just few doors down from the restaurant.

I have not been to Bittersweet in a long time. This time around, as we walked in, we were transported into a magical place in the heart of winter. The movie "Chocolat" came to mind.  Bittersweet is tiny, cozy and rustic. The shabby chic consoles were brimming with Santa-shaped solid milk chocolates, snowmen jars filled with (what else?!) white and dark chocolate candies, and chocolate bars all over.

It was about 30 degrees which we Bay Area folks consider to be a very cold weather.  People in fur-trimmed parkas, thick bonnets with fuzzy balls on top and colorful scarves and mittens added to the magic of the evening at Bittersweet.

Bittersweet specializes in different kinds of hot chocolate drinks including spicy, salted caramel, etc.  Mr Sweetie and I opted for the classic.  We sat at the country-style wood table and people-watched while enjoying our cups.  He got the regular-sized one while my kids' size cup of classic chocolate hit the sweet spot perfectly! It was rich, thick,  chocolate-y and sweet but not too sweet!

And before we left the store, knowing how much I love Christmas-y stuff, he bought  the solid milk chocolate Santa and the Santa jar that was filled with round white and milk chocolate candies for me. I thought I would never eat them but once I did, I could not stop. They were yummy!

Bittersweet knows their chocolates, no doubt about it! Worth a visit when visiting the pretty Rockridge neighborhood in Oakland. Rockridge BART is just few block away. 

$3.99 for regular-sized classic hot chocolate
$2.99 for kids sized classic hot chocolate
$35 for chocolate santas

Feeling warm and fuzzy inside: PRICELESS


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