Christmas At Home 2018

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

It is the New Year but I am still stuck on Christmas. No apologies as this girl loves Christmas and I want to remember every Christmas  moment.   I want to look back next year and the years to come and revisit  Christmas 2018. There were so many beautiful memories of alone time as well as shared moments with friends and family.

My home is  the coziest during the holidays. With the cold winter weather, the house is warm and festive. I put twinkling fairy lights on the the mantel above the fireplace and the dresser in the living room. There are fur rugs and blankets on the couch.

This year as well, I got to cross something off my Mason Jar List (I sometimes call it "My Fabulous Life List) which is to have a white Christmas tree.  This is the first time ever as an adult where I did not get a real tree for Christmas. I did not want to deal with the hassles of hauling a wet tree into the house as it rained a lot this December. Mr Sweetie will not bring in the tree if it is wet.  I also wanted to be spared of having to constantly sweep pine needles and water the tree. Mr Sweetie is relieved that he did not have a tree to take to the curbside for recycling in mid-January. The downside is I missed the nice pine Christmassy smell that naturally scents the house. I just had to use cinnamon and other candles to still make the house smell lovely like Christmas.

I got a white tree that I really love. It is tall but skinny. I still really liked it and enjoyed decorating and looking at it the entire month of December. I might go back to a real tree next Christmas, God-willing but my skinny white tree is a keeper.

I enjoyed decorating the house with old and new decorations. The old decors bring back nice memories of Christmases past such as the pipe cleaner Santa and reindeer that an artist family member made for me years ago. I got some new decors such as the "All I want for Christmas is you" ornament and fuzzy gnome. The rest -- nutcrackers, stockings, etc bring me back to the day that I got them just like the white owl and hanging gingerbread man. I was with Mr Sweetie when I picked these two up (the white owl was while we were waiting in line to pay at JC Penney while he was shopping for his parents' presents, and the gingerbread was at Home Depot on a random holiday trip). I came across a red stocking ornament that BFF gave me probably almost 10 years ago. These little things make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside as I so blessed being loved by my family and friends. 
The empty jar brings me back to the very cold day in December when Mr Sweetie and I had hot chocolates at a cafe where he bought me this jar that was filled with chocolates.  (I remembered that I had the draft from my old blog. I finally posted about the lovely winter date night here.) He also gave me the Spiced Apple Toddy candle as one of my presents last Christmas. I still did not get to light it. (Still trying to save it so maybe next holiday season!)

It has been a very cozy, festive and easy Christmas for me this year. I was on full-on holiday mood the entire month of December and as soon as it got chilly in November. The twinkling lights, parties, festivities, presents and Christmas music  got me on the holiday mood. What really matters is the love that I received from my family and friends. All the people who are there for me throughout the year and always. They are the ones who bring warmth, security and comfort in my life. They are really all I could every want for Christmas and always. Christmas just ended but I am already looking to Christmas this year. Just 358 days more to go!

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